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Some courses may ask you to attend an interview session. These sessions are designed to ensure that you have the right background and skills-base for the course, as well as give you the opportunity to find out more about us. Some sessions are on a one-to-one basis, others include group sessions.

If you’re invited to attend one of these sessions we’ll be in touch to let you know and advise you on how to book onto the next suitable date for you.

If you’ve any questions or queries about your interview session you can email your admissions administrator (using the email address on your letter) for further instructions, or alternatively contact our askBU Enquiry Service Team.

Frequently asked questions: 

1. What do I wear for the interviews?

It’s important to make a good impression, so smart casual wear is recommended.

2.    Can my parents/friends come to the interview?

We operate an open-Campus policy, so your parents, friends or family members are more than welcome to come and support you. However, they won’t be able to join you during the interview itself.

Some family members decide to visit Bournemouth Town Centre (short drive or bus journey away) while they wait for you, some prefer to stay on Campus and make use of our various catering outlets.

3.    What do I need to bring with me to the interview?

In your letter or email we’ll explain if you need to bring anything specific with you, for example, a portfolio of your work.

If you’re not asked to bring anything then nothing essential is required. However if you feel you have work that could supplement your application then please bring this along.

4.    Is there parking on Campus when I come to the interview?

Parking facilities are available on Campus. Please check your letter or email for further instructions.

5.    I have a disability – do I need to let you know before the interview?

Yes, if you have a disability please let your admissions administrator know so they can put in place any specific requirements needed for your visit, such as a disabled parking space.

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