Hiya, This summer I took part in the Global Talent Programme, this is a course run by the university which helps you learn how to become more globally connected and aware, as well as giving you useful tips on leaderships, running meetings, improving your CV and so on. Overall I found the whole experience invaluable... Read more » about My Experience on the Global Talent Programme
Hiya, I’ve recently been appointed as a PAL leader for my course (Television Production) which is so exciting! I’ve already learnt so much from this experience, so if you’re interested in hearing what it’s all about then this post is for you! Thanks for watching, Emily πŸ™‚
Hiya, Being on a practical course in the middle of a pandemic comes with it’s challenges, so I thought I’d discuss how we’ve got over them and our new ways of working in TV πŸ™‚ Thanks for watching! Emily πŸ™‚
4 easy student recipes
Four easy student recipes with minimal ingredients, that you can either jazz up or simplify. 1. Jamie Oliver’s 12 Minute Pasta 2. Thai Curry 3. Miso Ramen 4. Blue Cheese and Leek Risotto  
I’ve never been to a virtual open day before, and my first one was with Bournemouth University! It was such a great opportunity to speak to lecturers, the immigration team, and even students who are currently doing the course I was considering. If you’d like to hear more about why you should sign up to... Read more » about My experience at a virtual Postgraduate Open Day
The pandemic has caused a ripple of change across the entire world and in order to stay safe, many of us have been asked to work and study from home. Over the past few months, I have continued to work two part-time jobs alongside my master’s degree and even though it’s been tough I’m slowly... Read more » about How to adapt to working and learning from home
If you’re excited about coming to university: you should be! It’s such an exciting time and even though there is a worldwide pandemic, there are different ways that you can keep yourself safe, and others, whilst still doing the outdoor stuff you love. I personally volunteer at a charity shop a couple of hours every... Read more » about How to go out safely during the pandemic
Hiya! So as move in day begins to get closer and closer I thought I’d share a vlog a made back in September 2019 from when I first moved into my university flat so that you can gain a rough insight into what the first day is like! Enjoy πŸ™‚ Emily πŸ™‚
Moving into university accommodation can be daunting, but here are a few quick tips on how to settle in and make it truly feel like your home away from home!
There are a few stereotypes about being a student – pot noodles, going out all the time – and these can cause future undergraduates to worry about what their life will really be like at uni, but these things don’t have to be true. Five of the most common myths about moving to university and... Read more » about Myth-busting common university worries
Hiya, With September approaching some of you may be wondering what exactly to bring to university, hopefully this video helps you to find some university essentials to bring and some “essentials” that you might want to leave behind! Emily πŸ™‚
When I first moved to the UK, I had packed everything I thought I’d needed to prepare for the weather in Bournemouth. However, after living here for four years now, I have discovered a few more simple tips and tricks to make sure you’re ready for anything! If you’d like to learn more, check out... Read more » about Preparing for the weather in the UK