After living in the United Kingdom for almost 5 years now and working in almost 10 different job roles, I have learned a few tips and tricks on how to write a CV and cover letter. If you would like to find out more, check out the vlog below!
This year has been incredibly challenging, but it has provided me with so many opportunities that I am truly thankful for. Check out the video below if you’d like to find out more about the student experience over the past year.
Moving to the United Kingdom was a challenge and I remember feeling quite alone. However, with the support from the university and from the Student Unions different clubs and societies, I was able to meet new people and friends from all over the world!
  I thought it could be fun to share with you what I spend in a week explaining what I buy, where I get it and any budgeting tips I have along the way. Before filming I’d already done a big shop the week before and bulk bought meats, pasta, canned foods etc so this... Read more » about What I spend in a week
In this vlog, current student Georgina gives her top tips on how she manages her time – from keeping a whiteboard on her wall to designing her very own social diary.
My alarm clock rings and by 8 am I have to get up and start my day. As an international student living in the UK, this is an insight on what my life is like during lockdown. From 9 am lecturers to 5pm seminars, Nerve radio, cooking, and getting ready, this vlog captures one of... Read more » about Day in a life of a journalism student
This past first semester, I started my master’s degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. I’ve learned a lot about study techniques, the importance of community, and a lot about myself. Check it out!
Hiya! One of the big reasons I chose to come to BU was because of it’s location! There’s so much to do and so many places to explore, in this video I run through some of my favourite spots so hopefully it gets you excited to get outside and explore the local area. Emily 🙂... Read more » about The best places to visit in Bournemouth, UK
Hiya! With UCAS applications being sent off and offers being sent out by the universities, perhaps you’re struggling to narrow down your choices to your top two universities! Hopefully my video helps you to think about all the things to consider when choosing your uni and gets you excited for this new chapter of your... Read more » about Why I chose Bournemouth University (how to pick your uni)
Guest vlogger Ben Jones, a BSc (Hons) Marketing student, has created a video to share what his placement experience was like at IBM. He discusses some challenges he had, along with his successes and offers hints and tips on how to do well on placement.  
This is a guest vlog by Derry Stewart, a BA (Hons) Business Studies (Project Management) student. Derry secured a placement at Microsoft and in his vlog he shares what he got up to day to day for the multinational tech company and offers advice on how to secure a placement in the tech world.  ... Read more » about My placement experience at Microsoft
My uni interview tips
I thought I’d put together a short vlog on all my tips for university interviews; from body language to doing some research on the uni, I hope these tips help and calm any pre-interview nerves you may have 🙂 Please note that there is no longer an interview requirement for BA (Hons) TV Production.