Students collect 1.9 tonnes of food for local food banks

Forty volunteers donated nearly two tonnes of food to local food banks as part of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University’s (SUBU) ‘Big Feed’ event. The ‘Big Feed’ sees teams compete against each other in an attempt to collect as many food donations as possible, the food being purchased by willing shoppers across Bournemouth and… Read more » about Students collect 1.9 tonnes of food for local food banks

An introduction to SUBU…

With the new academic year in full swing, some of you might already be familiar with SUBU – the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University.  From the Trampolining Club to the Bacon Society, there’s certainly something for everyone when it comes to getting involved. As well as hosting a whole range of clubs and societies, SUBU is working hard… Read more » about An introduction to SUBU…

BU Master’s student directing feature film in Italy and UK

Bournemouth University student Norman Gregory, who has just completed his MA Directing Digital Film and Television, has been in Italy’s Tuscany directing his first feature film ‘A Reason to Leave’. Film and Television stars Claire King (Emmerdale, Footballer’s Wives) and Mark Wingett (The Bill) take the leading roles in Gregory’s directorial debut. Cast and crew… Read more » about BU Master’s student directing feature film in Italy and UK

Funding Fears

Let’s face it, one of the major worries about taking on postgraduate study is often the prospect of opening your wallet to find cobwebs instead of cash. The expectation of this occurrence can drive many people away from looking into postgraduate study, but there are ways to overcome the spectre of the empty purse.  … Read more » about Funding Fears

Perks of Placement

So many students seem to be scared of what I’ve heard called ‘the real world’, entering the workplace and suddenly working 9 to 5 (cue Dolly Parton). However, courses which offer a placement can help prepare you for your chosen profession in a way that sitting in a lecture theatre just can’t, however dynamic that… Read more » about Perks of Placement

Funding the leap

Making the leap to postgraduate study is a big one, and one which I definitely think is worthwhile taking, as I’ve said in my previous post [], but now you’ve made that decision, you’re going to have to start thinking about money. Postgraduate study is a costly investment, especially if you’re coming straight out of… Read more » about Funding the leap

Because Bournemouth University is different

I believe that everyone has their own reasons for choosing to study at Bournemouth University. Personally, the main reason for me was finding an available course that matched my interests in events, media, advertisement and marketing. BU has several courses in these areas, but specifically MA Advertising and MSc Events Marketing which only a few… Read more » about Because Bournemouth University is different

Making the Leap

Choosing to undertake a Master’s Degree is a big decision. You are investing time and money into your professional future, and if you are choosing a creative degree like me, it can also be a big risk. Becoming a professional screenwriter or any kind of artist is a huge leap, but one I am glad… Read more » about Making the Leap