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Meet our new blogger Alice White as she talks about why she’s returned to BU…

After working for four years I felt restless. My brain needed a challenge and my career needed a new direction. The idea to study an MA kind of took me by surprise; New Year is always a time for big ideas, half-baked plans and hollow promises, but the idea to go back to uni was one throw-away thought that stuck in my head like a splinter. By February I was still serious about doing it, so I sent off my application and within weeks had committed myself to one more year of student life.

I chose Bournemouth University for many reasons, but if I’m honest the alumni discount was the initial big attraction: 20% off is definitely not to be sniffed at. I also thought back to my time studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth, and I knew it was where I wanted to go. The facilities, the staff, the reputation – they’re all there in one brilliant and vibrant campus.

The town itself is also a beautiful place to be, especially in the summer. How could I resist all that sun, sea and ice cream?

So there you have it – I am shamelessly in love with Bournemouth University. This year I’ve come back bigger and better than on my BA – more committed to the course (I’m now writing essays days before they’re due, not hours), to the uni (I’m a rep, #purplearmy) and to my future.

I’m going to make this year count.