Myth-busting common university worries

There are a few stereotypes about being a student – pot noodles, going out all the time – and these can cause future undergraduates to worry about what their life will really be like at uni, but these things don’t have to be true. Five of the most common myths about moving to university and… Read more »

Bournemouth University Multimedia Journalism Newsdays

What Multimedia Journalism news days are really like

One of the most stressful yet rewarding parts of the BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism degree at Bournemouth University is news days. The format and intensity change every year but they give the best insight into what it will be like to work in a real newsroom environment in the future. During the news days, students… Read more »

A day in the life of a Bournemouth University Multimedia Journalism student

Thinking about studying a degree in BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism? This NCTJ accredited  course at Bournemouth University is the perfect build up to a career in journalism and the media for when you leave uni. Throughout the three years you get a good balance of practical and theoretical work that covers all aspects of journalism,… Read more »

How to stay connected while physical distancing

During this time of physical distancing, it’s important to keep in touch and stay connected to your friends and family, both in and out of the household you are distancing in. As there are both students who have gone back home to live with their family and left behind their uni friends, and students who… Read more »