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Hear from students on the MA Social Work course at BU about their experiences of university life.

ToluMA Social Work students

I am a 1st year MA Social work Student at BU. I came to the University last September and it has been an amazing time for me. Obviously it has not been easy to juggle school work with placement and also with the learning and unlearning processes l am going through as a foreigner. But it has been worthwhile because the lecturers and my course mates have been wonderful in their supportive roles.

The lecturers ensure that all support l need especially for academics is available. I have a personal tutor whose role is to ensure l am getting the support needed from academics on personal issues that might eventually affect studies without the right support. The lecturers arrange tutorials and they ensure to get the perspectives of the international students for diversity purposes. I am surely getting the needed support now and l am fully aware that if l need more support l would be given fully. I could not have asked for a better University to study at.


MA Social Work StudentsWhen I was being interviewed before I was offered a place at BU, I was told that the support they offer students was massive. The support truly is massive and I am loving it all the way. Studying at BU has been an amazing ride. The environment is welcoming, as are the people. I have all the resources I need to study and in a very cosy and convenient environment, I might add. I am enjoying studying social work, though it can be stressful and hectic. But hey, I have an amazing support system comprising of my lecturers and classmates. It is safe to say I have all I need. My lecturers have been very supportive. I mean every one of them. And my classmates (MA, SW, class of 2023), they are the best classmates you could ever ask for. We are such a cool gang. It is one big family in the Social Work department of BU. I have enjoyed every bit of my journey here and I am so glad I came to BU!


MA Social Work students

I always have had positive experiences with every step since the beginning of my journey at Bournemouth University. Being an international student, I thought things would be challenging, but honestly the support that I receive at BU is remarkable and makes things easier. Students can access a wide variety of services, from personal mentorship to wellbeing support, to protect and promote the journey of pursuing a recognised and very well organised course. The coursework especially is designed with utmost care which enables us to gain knowledge of a lifetime in the most professional manner. The blend of the MA Social Work course with theory and placement sessions will help every individual student to grow and cherish as a Social Worker, in the very best manner, irrespective of their culture, region, language and so on. Bournemouth supports the students at every single stage. I would recommend BU as it’s a definite option to feel at home. Best wishes to all the newbies who aspire to join BU.


MA Social Work studentsAbi

BU surpassed my expectations in so many ways. The facilities are great, the lovely bright Bournemouth Gateway Building really is a great space to work. The level of support available is exceptional and the lecturers and support staff have gone above and beyond. Lecturers will happily share resources and lend books which has been really helpful. I’m so glad I came to BU, I don’t feel that I could have had a better experience anywhere else.


Chloe MA Social Work student

I really can’t praise the lecturers highly enough and feel really grateful and lucky to be studying here because of them. Without exception, they’re not just incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, going to great efforts to bring the material to life in class, but they are also incredibly warm, supportive and generous with their time. It makes such a difference to have that, because the course is challenging and full on (so be prepared to work hard!) – but if you think social work is the job for you, I can’t imagine a better place to start.


MA Social Work studentI thoroughly enjoy it. The classmates I have are among some of the most supportive and kind people I’ve met. The actual uni itself is rife with supportive staff, whom I’ve all had positive interactions with. There are a big range of clubs and societies to get involved with, however I’ve been too busy to go to any. For me, the uni being in a coastal town is a big bonus, especially for when summer comes about as during stressful exam season a simple walk along the beach will clear my head.

It’s quite a fun course, where there’s a lot of different activities that engage your mind and allow you to work collaboratively with others, which allows you to learn from not just the lecturers but also the students. There’s also a lot of time to reflect on your decisions through group activities, and time to discuss with colleagues why they think a given thing will work for a particular situation. I enjoy the small class size as it allows you to get to know both students and lecturers, which I think is important for wellbeing. I also love the skill days as it’s something completely different, which is interesting and can be applied not only within social work but within life – ‘skills for life’.‘

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