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As an international student, moving to the UK is a thrilling experience that needs precise planning when it comes to packing. In my experience as a foreign student, I have learnt what is absolutely necessary to bring, what I neglected to bring, and what is not worth taking up valuable luggage space. Here are some suggestions by me to help you prepare well for your journey:

Documents: Before you even think about packing, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents to enter the UK. Your valid passport, visa, Photo Id, legal documents and the CAS letter from the university. It’s also worth bringing a few photocopies of these documents, just in case.

Essential Clothing: Make sure you carry the necessary clothes because the UK’s weather is typically variable. Just pack the bare minimum of layers of warm clothing like thermals to protect yourself from the cold, and if you wish, pack a couple of pairs of cargo or denim jeans. You can do clothes-shopping like affordable-priced jumpers and coats from clothing stores here in Bournemouth rather than bringing them with you from your home country because the material may be different and hence not appropriate for the weather in the UK.

Electronic appliances: The UK uses a different plug system than many other countries, so make sure you pack an adaptor so that you can use your electrical devices. Buy two or three adapters to be on the safer side before you leave, or pick one up once you arrive. If you have a laptop or tablet, I would suggest bringing it with you. If not, you can buy one here that meets your needs and mostly the prices are the same as what you would pay at home, or you can Borrow a laptop from Bournemouth University.

Comfort Items: Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, so bring a few items that will make you feel more at home. This could be a favourite blanket, a family photo, or a book that you love.

Cash/ Card: While having some cash on hand when you arrive is a good idea, carrying huge sums of cash is not advisable. Instead, think about taking a pre-paid debit card or an international debit card, more commonly referred to as a Forex Card, so that you won’t have any trouble spending money in your first few days in the UK to buy necessities. You can open the UK bank account later when you settle properly.

Items You Can Easily Buy: Don’t waste valuable luggage space on items you can easily buy things like bedding, kitchenware, and toiletries once you arrive in the UK. I took utensils because I worried I wouldn’t be able to find the ones I wanted, but I soon learned I was able to get all the utensils I needed here, adding unnecessary weight to my suitcase. Bring a few ready-to-eat food items with you for your initial days so that you don’t have to stress over food much. Instead, I could have packed more necessary things.

In conclusion, packing for a trip to the UK as an international student requires some forethought and planning. By bringing the essentials and leaving behind unnecessary items, you’ll have a smoother journey and be better prepared for your studies. Don’t forget to keep a positive attitude and an open mind – studying in the UK is an incredible opportunity that will shape your future in countless ways!


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