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It can be quite daunting starting university but as a third year student here at Bournemouth these are my top tips to help you feel more prepared and make the most out of your university experience!

Before you move to university:

  • Do your research! It’s great to familiarise yourself with the university and what it has to offer before you get there. A great way to do this is to attend an Open Day, visit the town or look at the online resources available.
  • Start collecting things for university a few months before – avoid being in a rush the week before you move, make sure you have everything you need in advance.
  • Follow a packing list – there are lots of websites with lists that detail the important items you need to bring, some of which you may not even thought of! Check out this one here!
  • Learn how to cook before moving to uni – even if it’s just a few basic meals. Be experimental with your food and you’ll actually start to enjoy cooking rather than it seeming like a chore. Uni students do eat more than just beans on toast and pesto pasta – my go to is a spag bol!

Once you’ve arrived:

Here is me in the Nerve radio studio presenting my weekly show!!

Here is me in the Nerve radio studio presenting my weekly show!!

  • Get involved in as much as possible! university is a great opportunity to try new things and you may discover a new interest or talent. It’s also a great way to meet people!
  • Go to freshers fair – this is the best way to see all the clubs and societies on offer and there’s also loads of freebies and food and who doesn’t love free things!
  • At the start of each semester make a note of all your deadlines and keep this in a special place – I use the notes app on my phone so I’ll always have it to refer to.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help – there are teams of people to help with all kinds of queries from academic support to financial and also health and wellbeing.
  • Listen to your body – it’s really exciting starting university but it can be a very busy and overwhelming time so listen to your body if you’re feeling tired and run down. Try your best to eat healthy and get as much sleep as you can.

    Here's me on a student ambassador job!

    Here’s me on a Student Ambassador job!

  • If you’re looking for a part time job see what your university has to offer – here at BU there are so many part time jobs available to students from being a Student Ambassador to working at the on campus cafes or our student union nightclub
  • Budget!! It can be easy to lose track of your spending, so set money aside for rent and bills each month and keep this separate from the money you use for other things.
  • Have fun – Make the most of the opportunities available to you, it goes by so quickly!

It’s normal to be nervous when moving to university but remember everyone is in the same boat and you’ll settle in quicker than you think and it will soon feel like home but always remember if you’re struggling there are people you can reach out too.

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