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MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Hi, I’m Nina, a postgraduate student from Poland. I graduated from BU with a BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design in June and this September I’ve started MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects.

In my case, computer animation was the best combination of my two main interests: arts and maths. I knew I wanted to study with the best so I did my research and found a few universities that were well-known for their 3D animation courses.

When I looked more into each of them I saw that BU had really good networking records and graduates employability rate. Those factors were really important to me so I flew from Poland to Bournemouth for an Open Day and almost instantly fell in love. NCCA’s motto, which is the National Centre for Compuer Animation that is based at Bournemouth Uni, is “Science in the service of the Arts’’ and that spoke to me as I also believe that science and arts benefit each other.

Back then Poole Gateway building was the newest addition to the Talbot Campus and it made quite an impression on me. After looking at all the amazing facilities and talking to friendly and passionate staff, I knew I would be able to call this place home so after I came back home I applied and got in!

The past three years, even though my first year was affected by covid, were unbelieve. I’ve met so many wonderful people, learnt so much and grown up. I liked how all my grades were 100% coursework because it let us learn through practice, not just theory, and that showed us how our future jobs will be.

In the last year of my bachelor’s degree, I decided that I want to focus more on the technical aspects of computer animation. I did my research and found out that my ideal course was once again here at BU!

I’m excited for my last year at Bournemouth Uni, but also a little heartbroken as I started calling this place my home away from home. Still, I feel prepared for my future career and I am not afraid of the challenges that I will face in the industry. I cannot wait to go out into the world and join the wide community of BU graduates working their dream jobs.

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