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Rama Permana

Rama Permana

Rama Permana is currently with the Bournemouth University Business School as a Postgraduate Researcher.

In his guest blog he talks about what brought him to Bournemouth and how he has found working towards his PhD and living here. 

Why did you choose to research at BU and what has attracted you to research this area?

Choosing a place for research, in general, is definitely determined by ‘people,’ who the experts in the research area are, and I found them here at BU. Further, I was looking for a place that is not only supportive in terms of the study environment but also cosy to enjoy my personal life, like places to engage with nature.

In turn, we face a dire climate crisis that can endanger these natural beauties and resources around us. I am passionate about how we, as global citizens, can contribute to preventing this calamity. My previous job was a research associate in transport and energy related business sustainability. So, I am interested in how people could travel without leaving negative impacts.

Tell us about your research.

My research is looking at decarbonising rural tourism travel in the Global South, which is still underrepresented in sustainable tourism and transport. Here, I focus my study on the area which is still left behind. My research is funded by the Indonesia Government through the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).

I am aware that there are many factors relating to climate problems that require multifaceted actions from all sectors worldwide. However, that is what motivated me. I hope to contribute to the body of knowledge and answer how we can travel more responsibly, eventually sustaining the earth for future generations.

What do you like the most here at BU?

Oh, come on! The beach, of course. I can be by the beach every day I walk home after work. The parks and playgrounds across Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole are also great as quick getaway picks to play with my kids. Further, the SportBU facility keeps my body and social life healthy.

But again, the most important thing is the people. The staff were super hospitable from the day I started joining BU. The way they treat the diversity of international students is just fantastic. I’ve received equal treatment like any other student, from my research supports, immigration affairs, and well-being matters to religious needs.

Most importantly, I have been given opportunities to present my research at top international conferences, allowing me to connect with many travel researchers around the world. Furthermore, I am now working as a research assistant on BU academics’ research projects, which gives me experience and the idea of how academics work.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of becoming Postgraduate Research student at BU?

Prepare yourself to stay motivated, as there will be no one to push you into the research other than yourself, but a thousand reasons to keep you away from it. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to approach any staff member to seek help, particularly the academics who understand us as postgraduate research students, such as the willingness to discuss and exchange ideas. Ultimately, let’s aim for the value and impacts our research can give rather than solely seeking to graduate.

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