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You are probably contemplating attending Bournemouth University. Well, this is your sign to make BU your academic institute of choice and have the best years of your academic life. Still in doubt? no worries. Let me walk you through how I made my decision.

Why did I decide to study for a Master’s degree?

My research on the cultural analysis of the African-ness of newspaper advertisements in Nigeria for my undergraduate project revealed to me the increasing rate of cultural imperialism projected in advertisements, leading to a consistent decline in messages with authentic Nigerian culture and values. I realized from Packard’s “The Hidden Persuaders” that in many ways we are influenced and manipulated in our unthinking habits, buying decisions, and thinking processes, which fueled my interest in understanding how advertisers shape consciousness.

I wanted to learn how to use technological resources and combine them with existing local knowledge to convert ideas into strategic, creative, and conceptual campaigns. I also wanted to be at the heart of decision-making to lead and form global communities dedicated to addressing the urgent cultural crisis.

Why I made my decision to come to Bournemouth University?

 Having made the decision to further my education to the master’s level, this is where Bournemouth University comes in. At this point, it is important to note that I was interested in other universities alongside Bournemouth University, but the following reasons made Bournemouth University my top choice: Knowing that I wanted to study advertising so I could sit at the table with other future leaders, turn my passion into solutions, and become an agent of change for current and future generations across the globe, beyond the modules of my course of choice, the opinions of industry experts such as Chris Arnold and Rory Sutherland about the department made Bournemouth University a top contender on my list.

Not only is there an opportunity to achieve the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) Foundation Certificate, but there is also a Certificate in Digital Marketing accredited by the IDM (Institute of Data and Marketing). Working with live brief sets from agencies and the placement opportunity further sealed Bournemouth University as my choice.

Finding the balance as an International Student.

Fully aware that postgraduate studies can be tiring and mentally draining, academic and social life balance was important to me, so I had to look beyond Bournemouth University’s academic prowess. This brings me to BU’s location. Hannah Montana’s “The Best of Both Worlds” perfectly describes Bournemouth: you get the hustle and bustle of the city and the calmness of life by the sea. The beach is by far one of my favourite places in Bournemouth.

On days when I feel stressed and overwhelmed, a long walk by the beach is all I need to clear my head. Aside from amazing beaches, student life is worth discussing. There is literally something fun and interesting for everyone. From society and clubs to nightlife at the Old Fire Station, Barso, Cameo, and the list goes on; if you are not keen on clubbing, there are many fun places and activities to try out, such as the pier, Durdle Door, sandbanks, and lots more.

As much as I was looking forward to studying, I also wanted to have fun and experience life, and honestly, I am having one of the best times of my life.

My conclusion:

Postgraduate study, especially as an international student, entails a large financial commitment. Thankfully, BU has support in place to help students, from discounts and scholarships to postgraduate loans. Along with financial support, BU has one of the best mental health support systems.










This is your sign to #chooseBU


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