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Student Erin smiles in front of a white backdrop, wearing a black tee. She wears minimal make up and her long hair is half tucked behind her shoulder.

MA Scriptwriting student, Erin Pinnel

Guest blogger Erin Pinnel returns to share her insights into the spaces she likes to study in whilst completing her MA in Scriptwriting.

Bournemouth University was my first choice because it has so many postgraduate facilities and opportunities. On the Talbot campus where the Faculty of Media & Communications courses are taught, in the Tolpuddle Annex buildings, there are rooms dedicated to each creative master’s course. These rooms can only be accessed by the people on the course, some with codes and some locks activated by our Student ID cards. This ensures that our rooms stay safe and that students can study in private. The rooms can also be completely decorated by the students.

The Scriptwriting postgraduate room is smaller than others around it but provides a quiet spot designed around a small class size. With two desks, windows, and enough room to fit a sofa if you wanted, it’s the perfect place to sit and discuss writing ideas with course mates. I’ve also used it as a meeting room from time to time, as it’s quiet and blocks out noise very well.

The Sir Michael Cobham Library, Talbot Campus

The Sir Michael Cobham Library, Talbot Campus

Another great place to study is the postgraduate area of the library, two rooms separate from the rest of the library that are reserved for postgraduate students. They have meeting tables with monitors to view as a group, computers and a silent study area. Silent study is a popular room among postgraduate students as it’s usually empty and provides a nice area close to the books and resources we need, especially when we get close to assessment deadlines.

Some accommodation options even prioritise and encourage postgraduate students. In the Student Village, studio rooms are prioritised for postgraduate students. This was a relief to me especially as I prefer studio rooms and a private space to do my own work.

With my course only being a year-long, it’s nice to know that the university still finds our work and time valuable, allowing for all of these private creative areas that we can use to focus on our course.

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