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This is a guest blog by MSc Adult Nursing student, Nasha Oladimeji. She shares the highlights and challenges of this course and her top-tips for those wanting to join.

Nasha is smiling at the camera, wearing a blue jumper

Nasha Oladimeji

Hi, my name’s Nasha and I’m studying MSc Adult Nursing at Bournemouth Uni. For me, the highlights of the course include the research you can get involved with, placement experiences, and student leadership opportunities. One of the challenges of the course was the big culture shock of studying abroad with independent learning and caring for patients of different cultures and backgrounds.

What every first-year student nurse looks forward to is being on placement. Placement helps you to live the course like you have started your career as a nurse. In fact, it is one of the highlights of nursing school. Placement enables you to bring theory to practice, utilise your skills, and put knowledge into action.

I plan to start my preceptorship shortly after finishing the course. I am keen to become a certified oncology nurse, to help fight in the battle against cancer. My goal is to one day be a clinical nurse specialist, leading a team of other nurses to continue improving the care provided to patients. I love research and I hope to utilise this for a more evidence-based practice approach.

Nasha is smiling, wearing her skills uniform

Nasha Oladimeji in her skills uniform

MSc Adult Nursing is a demanding course. It is a two-in-one incorporated degree. As hectic and draining as the course may be, it is about looking on the bright side; scaling through the challenges and coming out strong. Be ready to learn, be proactive, confident, be stern and committed towards your learning. The course will test your knowledge and skills, it will test your patience; it is your resilience and positivity that will help you strive. Surround yourself with positivity, friends and family that will encourage you and cheer you on. As almost impossible as it may sound, try to be patient with yourself, as you would for patients and colleagues.

I would encourage you to please ‘speak up’, as no one will read your mind. Speaking up helps us realise that we are not alone in the journey. Bournemouth University has got every support a student might need, and they are still working alongside students to develop more. Support services are available, even on placement, to help at every junction.

However, this can only be possible with you speaking up. Always remember, ‘you cannot do it alone’ and your journey starts now. Let your behaviour now reflect the type of nurse that you want to be. Your career starts from nursing school, and we are the future of nursing, let us make things right from here so that we become the best version of nurses.

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3 Responses to “What it’s like to study MSc Adult Nursing”

  1. BB

    Hello Nasha, thank you for your amazing encouragement and experience in the Msc program. This is really helpful and thank you for that. I wish you the best of luck in your career after school. Thank you!

  2. Olukemi

    Hello Nasha Oladimeji. I’m so happy to find someone from Nigeria and even my ethnic group at that, who is on the Accelerated Nursing postgraduate programme. Thank you for the encouragement and words of advice. Even though I have a Master’s degree already, this programme is a dream come true & a second chance for me. My desire has always been to become a professional nurse to care for people and also do more research on different health conditions, as well as educating people on how to retain and regain their health. I wish to apply against September, 2024. Thank you!

  3. Chisom

    Hello Nasha, you cannot believe the relief I got reading a comment from a fellow Nigerian. You have really encouraged me.i have a PhD already but I want more. Adult nursing has been on my mind for soooo long. And being an art student makes it close to impossible to achieve. Now with your write up, I am ready mentally and otherwise to conquer my fear and give it a try. Thanks a lot sister and I wish you the best.


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