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MSc Tourism Management

Why Tourism Management?

I am happiest when I am travelling. I absolutely love creating itineraries. The research itself is enlightening. I have often planned travel and accommodation for myself as well as friends and family. All those successfully executed plans gave me a sense of achievement and pushed me in the direction of taking formal education in this field and doing something I love.

Tourism is now recognized as not just a leisure activity but an economic activity of global significance. The attention given to tourism by governments, both public and private sector organizations, and academics had increased multifold in recent decades. Tourists are continually looking for new travel destinations and experiences, and countries generating these are getting their place on the global tourism maps. A master’s degree in the field of Tourism management will equip me with the skills to enter and succeed in the competitive world of tourism.

Why BU?

Honestly, I was very confused when I had to finalize the university. I applied to universities that are known to run successful courses in the field of Tourism. I had offers from Bournemouth University and Oxford Brookes, which were competing with each other on all ranking lists. So, apart from reputation, here is why I chose BU:


Anyone who loves the beach cannot resist the charm of living in a seaside town. What better place to study Tourism Management than a tourist destination? Also, it is comparatively warmer than most places in the UK.

Bournemouth Pier beach

Bournemouth Pier


I was eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship worth 3,500 Pounds, which would decrease my fees considerably, especially compared to other universities. And there were no extra formalities too. BU automatically processes the scholarship, and you get the confirmation on your CAS.

Open Days:

The communication from BU was amazing. There were regular seminars and open days held by BU international team as well as the India team. It gave a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Why the UK?

First and foremost, UK universities seem to be pretty broad-minded when it comes to acceptance. I had completed my graduation in Accounting and Finance 12 years back. Not only was I returning to academics after a very long time, but I also wanted to study something for which I didn’t have any educational background or work experience. Many universities in the UK have transitional courses where you are not required to have any background in the field.

Secondly, the UK has a cosmopolitan population. And thirdly, it’s geographical location. It is closer to India compared to the USA and has numerous direct flights to my home city, Mumbai. Europe is so near! Yes, you still need to get a Schengen Visa, but the flights are short and cheap!



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