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MSc. Nutrition and Behaviour

After I finished my education back in India, I decided to put an end to studying and start making money. I did that for three years until I realised that, personally, for me, being a student is a lot more fun and rewarding than having to meet monthly targets. That’s when I looked out for nutrition courses in the UK and came across this unique course called MSc. Nutrition and Behaviour that Bournemouth University was offering. The more I read about the course, the more I wanted to do it, and I decided to go ahead with the application.

Cut to 5 months later when I started uni…

As a first-time international student, I didn’t know what the UK would have in store for me. I came with an open mind and the idea of learning something new. The UK seemed to be the best fit for me in terms of career prospects in my field, finances, the distance from my home country, cultural diversity and, of course, the fascination with England!

Picking BU was fairly simple for me as this was the only university in the UK offering such a niche course, and that is one decision that will never be a regret! 🙂 I was unsure of how the university would unfold for me, but restarting university was like a breath of fresh air! A couple of weeks into uni, numerous opportunities presented themselves to me, and I made the most of them!

Student representative training session

Student representative training session

I was chosen to be one of the student representatives for my cohort, and I became one of the student ambassadors, two of my most memorable initial days!

Picture in a classroom (lecture)

In a class lecture

The course timetable was so well structured that it gave me room for other things like exploring the city, working part-time jobs, and so much more!

The nutrition faculty at BU is the sweetest and so approachable! For the first semester, I had full-day sessions for 1-2 days a week. The professors ensured to give us sufficient breaks between and during classes to keep us attentive. The teaching method is a lot different than where I come from. Every class includes activities and group work, which increases class participation and creativity.

Mindful eating in-class activity

Mindful eating in-class activity

Apart from that, I was also given an opportunity to give presentations to the class, get relevant feedback, and, most importantly, feed forwards! The professors go the extra mile to bring in eminent individuals in the field of nutrition, psychology and sport science to broaden our horizons! This semester already looks exciting and eventful with placement, dissertations, and assignments!

All in all, I’ve loved my time at BU so far, and I’m sure that I will continue to enjoy even the last leg of it. After graduating, I intend to work as an ANutr. to help people lead healthy and happy lifestyles.

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