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We asked BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science student Jessica Clarke a few questions about her placement and experience studying at BU. Read on to find out more.

What’s your placement like and how did you find your placement?

My placement is with the British Gymnasts Strategies and Planning team and I found this placement through the help of my lifestyle coach at British Gymnastics. I enjoy working with lots of different people from the performance team (physios and strength and conditioning coaches), to the development squads and the marketing and events teams where I’ve helped with the new shop designs, getting sponsors in and running large competitions.

What sport do you do alongside your degree?

I do trampolining as a form of gymnastics which I really enjoy. I love flying, trying to perfect each skill I do, and being the best I can be. I’ve gained lots of different life experiences through doing sports, I’ve made lots of new friends and have a second family with my club here at university.

What have been the highlights of the course and your placement? 

During my placement, I’ve seen a completely different side to British gymnasts compared to what you see as a gymnast. Also, helping to run large events has shown me how much work goes on behind the scenes to make a competition run smoothly.

Have you faced any challenges and if so, how have you overcome them? 

Trying to ensure all my uni work is completed to the best of my ability whilst training full-time has been challenging. Also, ensuring I was gaining a full university experience whilst doing the first one and a half years online due to the pandemic was a bit of a challenge, so I made sure I attended every online lecture and took all the help that was offered by BU.

What have you learnt during your placement that might benefit your future employment?

I have learnt that asking for help is okay as it means you will produce better outcomes in the end. I think my placement has given me really valuable experience to take forward for my career.

What are your plans for the future?

I am hoping to become a full-time trampolinist, but after that I’m looking at going into coaching or a role behind the scenes of elite sport. Something like a sports psychologist or a biomechanist potentially.

What advice would you give to people looking to get onto your course?

I would say to make sure you attend lectures and ask for help when you don’t understand something, as all lecturers are willing to help, and they want the best for you. Also, I would say to enjoy your time at university, as you will make many new friends so it’s important to all have fun together.


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