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This is a guest blog post by Abbie Rendell who is studying her final year of BSc (Hons) Sport Development and Coaching Sciences.

My name is Abbie Rendell and I am currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree; Sport Development and Coaching Sciences. During the previous academic year (2019/2020), I completed my work placement at Danesfield Church of England School in Williton, Somerset. I worked as a Learning Support Assistant for the Physical Education department and assisted in the Maths department.



How did you find your placement?

I came across this placement opportunity as I attended this school as a child. I got in touch with a member of staff that worked at the school and asked if there was an opportunity for me to work there. Fortunately, they created a role for me, and I threw myself into it completely!

Did you face any challenges in your role?

One challenge I faced from the beginning was not having any previous experience in a school. To help build relationships with future work colleagues and make starting the job a little easier, I volunteered on a school camping trip before my contract had begun. This made me feel less anxious on my first day and set me off on the right foot.

What are your key takeaways from your placement year?

I learnt many skills and gained knowledge on different sports, teaching styles and behaviours. These learnings aided my future study in my final year as I was able to reflect on my experience and use this knowledge valuably in my work. It also enabled me to realise that I preferred teaching secondary students rather than primary.

Future plans and advice

My plan for the future is to complete my PGCE year for Physical Education in Secondary Education at Exeter University, then I will be able to teach as a newly qualified teacher!

The best advice which I can give to students considering a placement year is to throw yourself completely into any opportunity, whether it is in your comfort zone or not.


Abbie won the Citizenship award at the Business School Employability Awards at the end of last year during their virtual ceremony. The Business School host their annual awards to celebrate the successes of students internships and placements.


Please note that we no longer offer the BSc (Hons) Sport Development and Coaching Sciences, but we do offer a BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching degree and other similar degrees

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