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One of the most crucial considerations when relocating for college is where you will live when you envision yourself settling down. There are several significant distinctions between living in Bournemouth University (BU) halls and renting a private home, which are frequently the top options you are provided.

What is the overall difference?

Some of the accommodation in Lansdowne is managed by the uni, plus the Student Village on Talbot Campus and Corfe House in Poole. You can find the full list on the BU website – see the ‘Find out more’ link below.

Apart from LettingsBU, private renting is managed through an external provider. These you will have to search for and organise yourself.

Here are some key differences between BU Halls and Private Rentals.

BU Halls

– ResLifeBU is a programme included in the rent, that helps integrating you into your first year by ensuring you have access to everything you might need while in your new home. Even at the start of the year with freshers activities such as cooking. The programme focusses on social, wellbeing, skills to help to  welcome, support and guide you through your first year while supporting everybody living in the accommodation.

– Having a direct connection to the transport service through Unibus is also a relief when you are making your room booking.

– Help provided by the university or management if you have an issue, you won’t have to pay your bills every month and there will always be staff around to support.

– Contents Insurance is included in all BU accommodation

– Most accommodations have a standard, so most students living in halls will have the same as you, even if they are privately managed.

– Specific amenities such as TVs, cinema rooms, study rooms, gyms, games rooms, common rooms) can be provided, but may vary depending on prices and companies.

Private Rentals

– You have more flexibility in who you live with and type of place to live, whether you choose a house, flat, or choose to live with friends or by yourself.

– Becoming more independent when maintaining your property. Having to pay bills every month, and having your own responsibility to resolve any issues with your landlord.

– Having more freedom, yet having responsibility for your lifestyle.

– Living in a more traditional setup, with more space.

My experiences

After my first year in halls, I believe your experiences will be shaped by your goals for the year.

Living in residence halls was lot simpler for me than it is now. I enjoyed making friends in halls and taking part in ResLifeBU events. The Unibus made it especially easy to get to the university and shops, and the amenities and staff in the halls helped to create a homey atmosphere.

After I moved into a private rental, things are less easily accessible. I like where I live more as I had more options, but I do miss the stability of halls. Living alone has helped me I learn about being an adult and handling daily responsibilities like paying bills, cooking, and managing household tasks.

BU halls offers stability if you just want to ease into your first year while gradually gaining greater independence. As you’re surrounded by other students, BU halls are also great for making friends. Renting privately can help people experience adulthood and more of the outside world.

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