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BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

I have been a BU Student Ambassador since I started my nursing degree at Bournemouth University in 2020. There are so many different roles and opportunities available that fit around your study and the pay is of course a great help when you are a student. You will get paid training most of which is online so you can do this in your own time.

The roles:

 – Unibuddy online platform – this is where potential students either who have come through the university website or through UCAS can send instant messages to you via the Unibuddy app to ask about student life and about BU. These can come through at any time and you reply when you can (within a reasonable time i.e.. 24hrs). If they ask questions on the support of things out of your knowledge you have a dedicated team to support you by giving the correct info such as a specific page online or phone number. No matter how long you spend online you will get paid for a minimum of 2 hours a month.

 – Schools Liaison – this has a variety of different roles within itself. You can visit primary schools and help them with Maths and English, you can do Open Days at colleges or even support school visits on campus. Supporting external events is great if you have a car too as you can claim back your mileage.

 – Blogs/vlogs– this is exactly what it says it is. The uni will put up different content that they would like to be put out, you put forward your idea of what you would create and then you go create. You get paid 2 hours per blog and 4 hours per vlog so the more you do the better.

 – Open Days – these are held at the uni several times a year. You will show potential students and their guests around the campus and give them some information about the buildings and what to expect at the university.

These are just some of the offered roles you can do whilst being a BU Student Ambassador. You will get text messages and/or emails with offers of work letting you know what the role is, the date and the time which you simply reply to either accept or reject and then they will let you know if you have secured this role. It is as easy as that.

image of a Student Ambassador outside Poole House

You get paid at the end of every month provided you have submitted any timesheets before the 7th of the month and are paid into your chosen bank account. You can only work a maximum of 15 hours per week and that is to ensure that it does not interrupt your studies and this is something the BU decided as of course the most important thing is your own experience at the uni.

So, get yourself a part-time role with Bournemouth University and see how else BU can help you make the best of your time with them whilst having something else amazing to put on your CV.

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