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As summer was approaching I was super nervous and at the same time excited about applying for multiple jobs at multiple companies for my placement year. For sure, it was a roller coaster ride. I did not know where to get started and had suffered many setbacks but in the end, all of it was extremely rewarding. There were so many questions. What format do I prepare my resume? What should I say in the interviews? 

Before we dive deeper, let me introduce myself and my current job role: Hi, I am Hem, an international student and I studied MSc Management with Business Analytics at BU. Currently, I am on my placement and working  as an IT Insights and Monitoring Analyst. My role involves managing an AI powered end user device experience software and I am really enjoying and learning a lot in my current role.

So, to make things easier for you guys, I have created this step-by-step guide on how I got a paid placement in the UK. Hope you find it interesting !


Step 1: Ask

People are really friendly and more than happy to help and guide. I had asked a couple of people at the placement centre and my seniors. They gave me a good start with what goes in my resume, what positions should I target in general and what platforms to use.


Step 2: Write, Rewrite, Review, Get Feedback, and Edit

Do mention all your projects relevant to the position targeted and your skills in the UK format. Review it with free tools like Grammarly. Get it then checked by others to see if you could add or remove anything. Gain multiple reviews on your resume and listen to advise that is reasoned well.


Step 3: Do Not Restrict Your Job Search Location

To gain maximum exposure, try to prioritise open vacancies at beginners’ positions over the location. Pack your bags and be ready to move on-site to the job locations if selected.

Will Remote Work Kill The Office? : Planet Money : NPR


Step 4: Maintain Sheet

Best time saver for me at least. It had my back with follow-ups as well. Column Headers could be platform, company, applied/pending, follow-up date, selected-Yes/No and whatever you feel is important for you – location, commitment duration etc.


Step 5: Platforms

Using multiple platforms to save jobs – Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, and Indeed would be absolutely essential. Network with alumni and apply to the companies that they had worked in previously if positions are available.


Step 6: Practise Numerical and Verbal Questions for Assessment Tests

Almost every job would have a basic numerical abilities test and verbal abilities test. The questions are mostly based on logic. There isn’t anything, in particular, to be afraid about. But it would be good to practice some. Just a quick google search on basic maths concepts would do the work.

Talent Q Aspects Numerical Test Preparation & Tips - 2022 - Practice4Me

Step 7: Practise in Front of the Mirror for Video Interviews

Manage the anxiety of recording a video interview, especially if you are camera conscious or if English is not your first language. It might take a few firsts to excel in it. The key is not to give up. These interviews compel us to know ourselves better, for me it was particularly hard, but after some trials and rejections, I got a knack for it and overcome my fear.


Step 8: Repeat the Cycles of the Application

Keep looking unless you find a placement if that’s your goal. With each application try to get feedback and improvise. Take out dedicated time from your schedule.


I think LinkedIn is the absolute best platform to find placement in. It is the platform that helped me find my placement. So to end this here are a few cool LinkedIn tips:

  1. Complete the LinkedIn profile with all the necessary information asked
  2. Try to add as many keywords as you can for the positions you are applying to
  3. Take Assessment tests

If you are still not able to find a placement, try to look for student exchange programs, hackathons or volunteer work. Try lots of different things – it all builds experience and knowledge which can only be a good thing! 

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