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Why a Master’s of Business Administration?

I had always thought that down the road I would continue my education to help further my career. After gaining some work experience and talking to co-workers going back to school, I decided that I wanted to get my master’s degree before other life circumstances got in the way.

Determining what I wanted to get my master’s degree in was a harder decision. As a nurse, my main two options to advance in my career were either to get a master’s in nursing or to get an MBA. I found that I was more inclined toward the business side of healthcare and medicine and was less inclined toward the clinical side of medicine leading me to choose an MBA for my master’s.

Why the MBA at Bournemouth University?

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The Bournemouth MBA is an extensive and intense year-long course. Although at times the program was extremely challenging and exhausting, one of my top reasons for choosing the course was because it is only a year long. When planning out my future, a year of my life dedicated to advancing my career seemed completely worth the sacrifices. Another thing that really caught my attention when looking at Bournemouth’s MBA course was that it is AACSB accredited.

As an international student I knew that by having this accreditation, employers in my home country would recognize this accreditation as an indicator that I attended a program that holds its students to a specific standard. Before applying to the program I capitalised on the opportunities to talk to the MBA director provided by the virtual visit days. I felt that the faculty were very honest about the program and provided me with examples of other students with no business background who had completed the course.

One of the biggest things that I liked about this course compared to other courses was that there are no tests in this course. The course focuses more on real-world experience and provides students with work that relates to the work they can be expected to do once they are in the workforce.

Looking back on the course

I am currently in the last few months of the course and am working solely on my dissertation. Looking back on the year I have gained knowledge, skills, and abilities that I didn’t have before. Aside from these, I have gained a greater understanding of the world and the people in it. My cohort consisted of people from different backgrounds and cultures all with their own differing insights and opinions making you rethink your view of the world.  We also had many opportunities to present our ideas and show our work to real-life clients providing us with the opportunity to receive feedback like we would if we were working for them.

Overall I believe that I have gained experience that will help project me towards the future career that I want.


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