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MSc Marketing Management (Digital)

Why did I choose BU again?

Accreditation & value for money

Since BU is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), and not all universities have this, I wanted to stay somewhere that was well accredited when looking for a master’s. Also, BU offers a discount on postgraduate tuition if you’ve completed your undergraduate degree here, making it better value for money too.

More in-depth study and interesting course content

Jess' project on real brand Real Techniques

Jess’ project on real brand Real Techniques

I liked the fact that the MSc Marketing Management (Digital) didn’t repeat much of the same course content as my undergraduate degree in Business & Management with Marketing but instead went into more depth in similar units and some units were completely different.

In comparison to other universities, I found the course more creative especially considering I would be working with businesses meaning I am making an impact and gaining real experiences. This is better in my opinion than only being taught in a lecture with made-up scenarios.

Great place to live

Bournemouth Beach and Pier

Photo of Bournemouth Beach and the Pier, taken by Jess.

I love the area and I knew that I’d be happy living here long-term and being able to explore Bournemouth more especially considering my undergraduate was cut short, thanks to COVID.

Career prospects

Part of the reason I decided to do a master’s at BU was for my career prospects and whilst currently applying for jobs I have noticed that it has improved my confidence and I am qualified specifically in Marketing. A few employers have also commented on my qualifications being the reason they selected me for an interview. I also feel that I have a better understanding of the jobs I would like to apply to because I can explore different aspects like campaign planning and industries different from my own experience.

How have I found postgraduate study so far?

One unit that I really enjoyed was Omnichannel strategy and supply chain management.  When looking at the course content I thought it would be more technical and potentially one I wouldn’t enjoy as much. However, I found it very interesting, and it was the unit I enjoyed the most in the second semester. The assignment was completed as a portfolio on Mahara, which is a similar type of thing to bookzy which I used in the first unit and mentioned in a previous blog, but I liked it as it is different from the typical essays.

Would I recommend postgraduate study?

The short answer is yes! I have enjoyed learning even more about marketing and it has made me much more employable.

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