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Whenever breaks roll around after busy periods of submissions, I’m always left wondering, “What do I do now?” Each time, however, I end up stumbling across a plethora of means to enjoy my time. Here’s a list of ways I’ve found to make the most out of my breaks:

1. Organising Activities:

Whenever we’re all able to spare time, my flatmates, classmates or friends end up meeting up for recreation. Whether it is to bake together or screen a film in somebody’s house, there’s so much that can be done. Sometimes, we take turns cooking our regional foods or heading to restaurants to try out new cuisines!

I painted easter eggs with friends.








2. Travelling:

Breaks offer a wonderful opportunity to switch to one’s tourist hat and travel around the country. As an international student, it’s the best time to go sightseeing, visit museums, historical sites or art galleries.

The Titanic Museum at Southampton!











3. Going Places:

One of the things that has helped me survive student life is my love of films. With a membership to the cinema, you can watch unlimited movies throughout the month. During breaks, I try to view all the movies that are being shown. Bournemouth also hosts a number of places like arcades, mini golf courses and the VR centre where one can have fun alone or with friends. In addition, an important part of British culture that shouldn’t be missed are its pubs. Even if one doesn’t drink, they are a great place to hang out with classmates or buddies.









4. Beaching:

An advantage of living in a beach town is that you can always head over to the waters when you don’t have anything to do. One can build sandcastles, take a dip in the water or even prepare food for a sea-side barbeque. If feeling adventurous, one can even try surfing or zip-lining.

I went to the beach!


As an international students, I always keep discovering that there is more to explore. Bournemouth, student life and breaks offer many occasions to leave one’s comfort zone and try new things.

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