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At Bournemouth University, sustainability is a core value and at the heart of the University. They have ranked in the top 15% of universities across the world in the THE University Impact Rankings and strive to ensure sustainability within the campus, everyday life and future career.

Examples of sustainability within Bournemouth University











Below is a list of some of the things that BU do with sustainability in mind:

Planter at Bailey Point

  • More than 1500 solar photovoltaic panels across buildings on our campuses
  • Halls-led community gardens in BU halls of residence and beehives on the top of fusion where honey is created which in turn reduces the universities carbon footprint, both of these initiatives help biodiversity
  • Student switch off which is an energy saving competition in the university halls where the halls that saves the most energy wins a prize
  • Embedded sustainability into the university curriculum by using the UN sustainability development goals
  • Organised beach cleans and litter picks, there is a Facebook page dedicated to this if you want to see what’s been done in the past
  • A sustainability challenge where students can voice their opinions on how the university can become more sustainable
  • Recycling bins on campus meaning less goes to landfill

If you want more information on any of the sustainability aspects of the university then check out this page .


Not only is sustainability at the heart of Bournemouth University but there are lots of sustainable shops in Bournemouth. GAIA card offers discounts for sustainable brands based in Bournemouth where some of the following is included

Ten Foot Naked

A zero waste businesses that delivers groceries to your door. For this, there is a minimum spend and delivery cost. You can choose how you want them delivered; recycled paper bags, returnable cotton produce bags or decanter at the door. They also offer pop up stores in different locations.


This is located in town, so not very far from the halls. It is a natural skin and body brand for both men and women. Their product range includes diffusers, deodorant, bath bombs, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.


A family owned, ethically based clothing brand that is inspired by the beach which is located nearby in Poole with a low carbon footprint. This company hasn’t been going too long as it only opened in 2019.

Buy wear swap repeat

A preloved clothing store situated in Lower Parkstone. It caters for children, women and babies including designer brands. Here you can exchange your old clothes and get in store credit. Shopping but without the guilt of giving fast fashion any money

Almond & Co

Almond & Co is a grocery and household goods store that uses local producers and eco-friendly products. This store is based in Westbourne and requires you to bring your own container to put produce in, however, they do sell containers if you forget. For this store, you weigh your container, fill up with whatever you want and then weigh again so that you only pay for what you brought and not the container itself.

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