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When I first got my letter through to say I had got to the interview stage I was beyond excited and then I realised that I had to actually have an interview and that I still may not get in. The colour drained from my face. So then it was preparation time. I think Google got completely bashed because I was furiously searching for nurse interview questioning and answers. Luckily for me, I must have done something right because here I am at BU studying Adult Nursing two years later. Now, I feel it is my obligation to give my own tips and hints for those of you looking to come to Bournemouth University to study BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing. Although I can not tell you exactly what you will be asked, I can give you a few starting points to think about.

Interviewer preparation before an interview: 6 hiring tips for employers | Workable

1. Why do you want to do the course and be a nurse?

Now, this question you really need to dig deep for. Saying you want to look after people or care for people isn’t going to distinguish you from the other applicants. This answer I can’t help with much as it’s so personal. Dig deep though and be honest.

2.  What do you know about the 6 C’s?

Give this above a little read and have a look yourself and make sure you understand what these really mean to you and to the healthcare system.

3. What skills do you think you can bring with you?

Now, most people think this is just about the skills that involve personal care but it’s far from that. You could have skills like team working or communication skills from working at Costa at the weekends, which are also essential skills for a nurse. You also may have personal experience such as your mum being poorly with flu once year, and you look after her by showing her empathy and compassion and just bringing a cup of tea.

4. Can you think of a time you have received great care?

What made it stand out from the other times? Did they go that extra mile for you to do something, not in their usual job description?

5. Can you think of a time you have received bad care?

You may not have any experience but the question could be turned into a time you received bad service as well. So then you can think about why it was bad. Did the person not greet you or speak to you with respect for example.

So there we have my five top tips for your interview at BU or indeed any university when you are looking at studying Adult Nursing. Please still have a good look at what else you can find out there though.

One final tip, if you can demonstrate in your interview that you only want to study at BU and your passion is Adult Nursing, this will benefit you. If you are in between adult and mental health for example, this may work against you. So don’t lie but don’t voluntarily give this information away.

Good luck and I hope this has helped.



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