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This is a guest blog written by Holly Davenport Miller, a second-year Law student.

So far, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of events and activities run by the law department. Guest speakers have delivered sessions providing insight into their careers, as well as outlining the path which led them to work within their chosen profession. They have provided invaluable advice and guidance. Speakers have so far included, barristers, solicitors, partners of local solicitor firms, and other legal professionals.

Additional opportunities have included academic talks in a panel style to discuss current issues like that of the previous US election and more recently, the spiking crisis. I was fortunate to be involved in organising the event facilitating conversation on the spiking crisis. The law department consistently strives to provide its students with a great amount of additional learning support, tailored to the needs and requirements of myself and my fellow cohort.

The legal skills conference organised by our academics has been a particularly enriching experience. To open the conference a terrific motivational speech was delivered, highlighting the importance of mindset, specifically of the value in positivity and resilience when pursuing our future careers or further academic study.

This was followed by a fantastic variety of engaging and informative legal skill workshops, such as:

  • Critical analysis at an advanced level
  • The perspective of comparative law
  • How to get the most out of reading and applying cases
  • The basics of referencing
  • How to write an effective essay.

These were designed so every level of study could benefit, from first-year undergraduate to postgraduate study. These workshops gave us a real sense of inclusivity.

Concluding the conference was a Q&A session with the managing partner of Steele Raymond Solicitors, renowned in the Bournemouth area and listed on the Legal 500. Every year they provide a phenomenal placement opportunity for law students at BU. We were not only able to elevate our academic legal skills, helping us to hold the capability to perform at a high standard across academia, but we also had a chance to build connections with a firm that may lead to greater career success.

The opportunities continue, with the law department offering the chance for us to get involved in the BU Law Review, we’re able to see the many research projects relating to work that has a significant impact upon society. Law students also run the BU Law Society, as part of BU’s Students Union (SUBU), we can socialise and be involved in further vocational events.

My experience so far is incredibly engaging, interactive, and supportive. With a plethora of opportunities, I’m thoroughly enjoying being a Law student and believe this journey is leading me towards a successful and rewarding legal career.

On a final note, a short piece of advice, a BU law degree will only give out as much effort as you put in. So, work hard, get involved, and reap the benefits.

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