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BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Anthropology


Hi! My name is Ayra and I studied in Malaysia until I was 20 years old before deciding to study abroad.   I choose Bournemouth University to further my Undergraduate studies in the Sociology and Social Anthropology. I am now halfway into my degree and have noticed several differences in my study skills when I’m studying in the UK compared to when I was in Malaysia.

  • Expenses

Due to currency exchange, I have become more aware and more independent with my spending. I also learnt how to budget properly. You can check my previous vlog on budgeting tips for Southeast Asian students.

  • Homesickness

Despite being 10,576km or 6,572 miles away from home, I feel closer and appreciate my time with my family even more. I make sure I spend time each week making video calls with them and constantly update them about my UK life via a family group chat. This is a big difference, when I was in Malaysia I often met up with them once every 3 months even when I was in boarding school and didn’t speak that much in-between.

  • Languages

I grew up learning different languages at the same time such as Malay, English, Arabic and Mandarin. However, coming here, it is interesting to know other people who can speak other languages too such as Spanish, Italian and French which intrigues me to start learning new languages.

  • Cultures

Speaking personally from an international student perspective, going abroad helps by broadening my perspectives and how I see the world. It is very interesting to learn the differences and similarities in various things such as societies’ perspectives, popular or trendy things to do and social health awareness.

  • Options

One of the main reason why I choose to study abroad is that there are not many courses offered in Malaysia in the Sociology fields. Thus, I choose the UK because there are more options and research studies been conducted in these fields. It also became one of the reasons why I choose to study at Bournemouth University – because the modules they’re offering are very interesting.

  • Job prospects

Pros of studying in the UK and looking for an internship and/or graduate jobs: International and broad choices.

Cons: Challenges for competition and limited places.

  • How do these factors affecting my study skills?

I learn to acknowledge my study styles, manage my timetables more effectively, take care of my wellbeing especially when I’m living ‘alone’, how to find ways to motivate myself and change how I perceived the world.

Wherever you go to further your studies, it will always be different but the experiences gained throughout the journey are priceless 🙂 If you’re an international student thinking of studying abroad, follow your heart and best of luck!

Till then.

– Ayra H.

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