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This is a guest blog by current student Saravanan Muthukrishnan, who is studying MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

Third Eye Info Technology provides Software development services to product and technology companies. Third eye takes pride in designing custom information systems to meet the specific needs of their Customers. From start to finish, they ensure data safety, system security, stability, and scalability.

Given the COVID situation I could utilise the situation to my advantage as the whole industry is moving onto WEB modalities and hence my placement time utilisation was more productive in providing my experiences to this company in their growth, expansion plans apart from guiding them in new age frontier technological developments. More importantly the concepts, principles I picked up during the course helped me to strategize my thoughts accordingly.

Three words to describe your placement search? 

Awesomely difficult and challenging.

One example of how BU supported your placement search?

BU’s support in approving remote work engagement was indeed a professional decision change from the university front, appreciate the same, as the local industry was going through tough times and no opportunities were available for my background hence the above is much appreciated.

What were the hardest aspects of your placement? 

I would not categorise it as hardest part though it was indeed challenging but given my personality I did take this up to find an innovative way of looking for a job and my out of box thinking capability was tested during these times.

What were the most enjoyable aspects of your placement?

Creating more practical, quick turn-around to achieve time-to-market, be innovative, idea generation was a key outcome – hence any economic downturn or pandemic situations leads to opportunities- hence solutions to the team using the knowledge learnt during the course were off immense help.

What have you learned that you never thought you would have?

I never imagined that I will be able to apply the knowledge garnered during my course (domains like Business Model Innovation, Leadership Essentials, Innovation & Design etc) during my placement itself. Time management, leading multiple teams & co-ordinating program streams and all of these done over the web has made the offices redundant.

How have you changed personally and professionally?

Though I have more than a decade experience, this course has changed the way I think in order to decipher & break down a problem- given the unprecedented situation of COVID has pushed all of us to the brink of being out of the box thinkers overnight and in a way it has made me more prudent, strong, compassionate & be easy with the team’s performance.

Any other advice you’d like to offer students who are considering a placement?

The course has been meticulously designed with industry focus and hence students who aspire to get their hands dirty should look out for a placement option when pursuing this course- this is to get an opportunity to apply what they learnt before completing the course. Also, I would suggest & recommend students that they should study various case studies of International companies during the course to understand the subjects better.

Overall I would like to thank the BU staff, professors & my classmates that it was a challenging year for all of us especially the professors to ensure the curriculum is taught to the students in full and not compromise in the delivery, appreciate the commitment, integrity.

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