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This is a guest blog by Louise Rowley, currently studying BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing at Bournemouth University.

Before becoming a student nurse, I worked as a healthcare assistant on a hospital ward. While working, I regularly met BU students. They spoke highly of the course and they encouraged me to apply. I often thought about becoming a nurse, as I loved working in a hospital and caring for patients. I felt as if it was my true calling, a role I was made for.

I was worried, as I would be a mature student, with a family and responsibilities. However, as a parent I wanted to show my children no matter your age, you can follow your dreams. As a parent we can be powerful role models, by guiding a child’s behaviour and attitudes. This is comparable to the student nurse’s I met from BU, by inspiring and motivating me to be a nurse. I never applied for any other university apart from BU, it was my only possibility. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing placements and met some great nurses.

Fast forward to me in year three and counting down to when I qualify. I have had many ups and downs during my training. I have had days when I have mum guilt, when my time is spent on placement or sat behind a computer. Though I have also had extreme highs, when I can tell my children that I had passed an assignment or had an amazing day. The knowledge I have gained from the university has changed my whole life. The idea that in a few months I could be a nurse and inspiring other people including my children to follow their dreams is a bonus. Times may be hard, but I try and remain focused on why I started.











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