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Thinking about applying for a postgraduate degree at Bournemouth University? Whether you are a current undergraduate student wanting to progress your studies further at BU or you have come from another university and wish to begin your postgrad journey with us, the application process can seem a little daunting at times. Here is an overview of how to submit a postgraduate taught application online along with some hints and tips.

All of our taught postgraduate courses (MA, MSc, MBA, LLM) can be applied to directly via BU, with the exception of MA Social Work, MSc Adult Nursing and MSc Mental Health Nursing which must be applied to via UCAS.

The application process for BU students is ever so slightly different to non BU students:

If you are not a current BU student

  1. Firstly head to the course page that you wish to apply for and click Apply Now, which will redirect you to BU’s online application portal, myHub
  2. Create an account as requested and complete the application form presented. (Hint: the form does not need to be completed all in one sitting, so you are welcome to save it and come back to it as many times as you like to make edits and make sure its all correct)
  3. Once you have successfully completed the application form and are happy with all the information (check to make sure everything is correct to avoid any delays in the process!), all the separate tabs will turn green – yay! This means you are ready to submit.

If you are a current BU student

If you are already part of the BU community as an undergraduate student and are looking to study further with us, you can skip the above process and go straight to completing the Fast Track application form.

There is no official deadline to apply for a taught postgraduate course at BU, but our recommendation is to submit your application as soon as possible. Hint: Did you know that some of our Master’s level courses have intakes in both January and September? This allows you more choice in finding the right time to study.

We are sure you will do a grand job at submitting a fantastic application, but here are a few hints and tips when writing your application:

  • Treat the process as if you were applying for a job. This will really help when you come to writing about any relevant work experience as it will encourage a reflective style of writing to show how your previous experience links in with the role (or in this case, the course) that you are applying for
  • Aside from just writing your application, you may also be asked to provide extra information to support what you have written. This is most commonly in the form of questions related to your subject area, and your passions for the course. It is best to think of answering such questions in a similar way to how you would write a personal statement, giving specific examples of any relevant experience that has made you wish to study your particular course
  • Relevant skills outside of your career/education to date can be just as valuable to include in your application. It is important to touch on any skills gained from experience outside of your work/education that you feel may relate well to your chosen area of study. This exemplifies a well-rounded professional/student… just remember to keep the focus on the skills gained rather than the experience itself. Such experiences may include volunteering or any roles in a relevant society or club.

I hope this has helped you with tackling the postgraduate application process in some way, and wish you all the best on your postgraduate journey at BU!

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