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I have never been one of those people who have to see it to believe it. I like to think the world is a little more complex than that.

Well – I say never – when it comes to my university experience, I am most certainly going to explore and see as much as I possibly can before applying. Not only does university have a financial implication, it is also a place where you spend copious amounts of time in lecture halls and the library, grab lunch between classes, relax and unwind in the on-site facilities, such as the student bar or the gym. A decision like this can rarely be made with complete confidence over the internet or skimming through a prospectus.

As postgraduate students, we have done this once before and I am sure for the majority of you reading this, if BU was not where you completed your undergraduate studies, you cannot imagine a university topping that experience or feeling any more like ‘home’ than your last university did. By attending an Open Day you can see it all for yourself, take in the atmosphere, stroll a few minutes down to our golden, sandy beaches and talk face-to-face with our resident experts.

First things first is the simple online registration process online to book your place. Upon completing this form the admin teams will keep in regular contact with you, providing you with a schedule for the day and ensuring you see and speak to the most relevant parties.

When I arrived on campus for an Open Day back in the summer, completely open minded to the possibility of returning to university at this point, I was greeted by two friendly, smiling faces in the Fusion Building who directed me up to the top floor for a coffee and a delicious slice of cake. There were other prospective postgraduate students just like me sat on tables related to their subject areas. We didn’t know each other from Adam so were all keen to find out a little more about each other, what we were looking to study, why we chose BU, what was going on back at home in our everyday lives.

Following a tour of the university grounds and accommodation options, we received a very informative and motivational lecture about BU as our postgraduate choice. There was important and valuable information about financing options alongside interesting and exciting news on what the area and university had to offer.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to speak directly to Programme Leaders about our degrees of interest, future aspirations and how the qualifications could help us reach these goals. This was when it all felt real and possible. I could make this work and push myself to achieve my Master’s degree.

That was it for me. As soon as I got home that evening, over a large glass of wine, I completed and submitted by application to study here at Bournemouth University. The Postgraduate Open Day kickstarted my BU journey and I haven’t looked back since.