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BU has plenty of clubs and societies to offer, from sports to baking to cocktail making! Resurface is a club/society a little out of the ordinary at BU. With wellbeing at the heart of its surf, yoga and social community, it offers a lifestyle activity course available to people looking to improve their general wellbeing, try out new activities and skills and meet new people. I joined Resurface during my final year of studies at BU and absolutely loved that it was so different from many typical party-esque clubs and societies (no shade to those – I loved them too). Here I will outline just a few of the things that we got up to!
At the minute and in the current situation not all activities can go ahead as seamlessly as they once could, but there are still activities happening to get involved in.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to engage in to improve your mental wellbeing so with that in mind, one of the things we did regularly was meet up at a studio in town for yoga classes! One for all Yoga is a lovely studio equipped with all the yoga equipment you may need, including blocks, pillows and mats and not to mention the loveliest yoga teachers! This really helped me during my studies, especially when I felt overwhelmed with work as I knew that my yoga session would serve as a nice little relaxation break and a chance to catch up with other Resurface members as we would sometimes also go for a coffee afterwards in town.

As lockdown happened, we continued our yoga classes but just via Zoom. This helped me structure my time during the strict lockdown period and also reminded me to get some restorative exercise in too… super important now that we are all spending more time at home!

Rise and Conquer
Rise and Conquer was probably the most memorable thing I did with Resurface. It hinged off research based on Cold Water Therapy, and how this could help relieve stress and improve overall wellbeing. The idea of it sounds absolutely terrifying: waking up on the wrong side of 6am, getting yourself a nice cold (?!) shower or ice bath, and heading to the beach in your swimsuit to take a dip in the icy winter seas. Saying all this, Rise and Conquer mornings are up there with some of my favourite days during my time at university. We had big rugs set out on the beach, and two lovely warm fires going, and after our dip we all enjoyed breakfast together and caught the sunrise, it was a lovely start to the day.









The impacts of Covid-19 sadly meant that I never got to try surfing myself, but Resurface partner with a local surfing school that provide the opportunity to try surfing out – another fantastic wellbeing activity and an amazing opportunity to try out something new if you haven’t surfed before! These surf events are now going ahead again following advice from government guidelines.

If this sounds like something you would like to find out more about or get involved with, you can ask the ResLife team for more information, or alternatively visit the Resurface Facebook or Instagram page

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