Scoring a placement during your Master’s degree

I am studying MSc Nutrition and Behaviour and it is mandatory to do a 12-day placement as a part of the degree program. The great aspect of our course is the flexibility provided to us to choose where and what we wanted to do with our placement. I scored a place in the Nutrition department… Read more »

Budgeting as an Indian in BU (Dubai edition)

Budgeting is an essential life skill, especially for a student. Moving across countries requires meticulous planning in all aspects, one of which is finance. It can be overwhelming to set a budget when you don’t know how expenses compare between countries. I did some research to understand what my monthly budget would look like. But… Read more »

5 reasons to pick Bournemouth as your study destination

It can be overwhelming to pick the right place for your higher studies. After careful research, I chose Bournemouth as my study destination. Here are my top 5 reasons: Safety: As a petite hijabi woman, safety is my top priority when choosing a place to live. Surely, everyone can resonate with the fact that no… Read more »

Complement your PG degree with GTP

Postgraduate degrees are designed to be subject focused. With a timeline of just a year to complete the degree, it is also possible to get opportunities to study subjects that touch on other aspects of student development. That’s where the Global Talent Program comes in. It is aimed at development of soft skills that can… Read more »

Eat like a nutritionist (on a budget)

Trying  to eat healthily can be overwhelming, given the ever-increasing amount of information out there. Healthy eating has been eclipsed by trends. There is always a new diet that can fit you in that dress faster or a newly discovered “superfood” that can transform your brain or a “detox tea” that will give you the… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Nutrition Postgraduate Student

Being a master’s student is an enriching and adrenaline filled experience (more likely to be induced by deadlines than bungee jumping). No, we do not spend all day in the library crying over assignments and research articles. Each day is unique and there is no such thing as monotony when you are doing your postgraduate… Read more »

Scholarships as Saviours

Money is one of the important factors that influences the choice of a university. As an international student, pursuing my postgraduate degree in UK meant managing finance was a top priority. Tuition fee is a major expense when planning a higher education budget. While shortlisting universities to apply to, scholarships on offer were a major… Read more »