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After being away at university for such a long period of time, coming back to live at home again can be very daunting, and the current lockdown status of the UK has somewhat depleted the ease of this transition. It can also be equally as difficult for those of you that haven’t embarked on your university journey yet and are used to living at home with your family but are now contained with them as a matter of safety. Recognising this will help you to feel more comfortable in whatever situation you are in and to beat any lockdown blues.

Sticking to boundaries with your family is one thing that could help.

Being contained with whoever you live with doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your time with each other. Take space for yourself. One thing I find helpful is continuing to do separate activities that I might have done before as usual. This can make it feel a little less stuffy when you do spend time with family members, as having spent some time away from each other doing separate things means that there are things to discuss, however big or small such as my productivity (or there lack of) or whatever you have been doing. This makes being around others feel more like a break than a burden.

Talk to your family/friends/support groups when you are feeling down.

Feeling a little lost or confused during lockdown are totally valid feelings and it may help you to discuss them with your family.  Do not feel silly. You might be experiencing completely new emotions you have never felt before and that’s ok. Remember there are plenty of other sources of help outside the family too, so if you’re unable to speak directly to mum, your dad or your brother or whoever there are helplines and forums to discuss how you are feeling. Do not suffer in silence or alone.


Make the most of this time while it lasts. Positivity is such a valuable skill to have at the moment. Ok much easier said than done I know. It is usually easier to focus on the negatives of being back at home and not having the independence that you did at uni/ being contained with your family with reduced freedom. Instead of dwelling on these facts, take advantage of being able to spend some time with your family. Maybe try something new that you can do together… a family quiz night? Some board games? Even something as simple as just watching a movie together can help you to feel more at ease.

I hope this helped in some way, and that everyone is keeping safe and well!


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