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Hi everyone, my name is Ram, and today I will discuss the weather in Bournemouth and also the outdoor life on offer in this beautiful coastal town.

Coastal beauty

Bournemouth is located on the south coast of England, and it can have very chilly and also very pleasant weather depending on the season. Bournemouth generally has higher temperatures compared to other parts of England and United Kingdom, and might not get as cold either.

However, its location near the coast means that the town can be quite windy, especially in winter and spring, so it’s always a good idea to carry a windbreaker, even if the weather turns out to be warm and pleasant on some days.

However, as I said earlier, the winters here are relatively warmer than winters in other parts of the country, or even parts of Europe, so chances are that you won’t be holed up in your room the entire time. Bournemouth rarely has snow, but every now and again we see a glimpse or two, so you might get to play in the snow if you haven’t already!

The summers are very pleasant in Bournemouth, and the beaches along its coast spark to life during those times, so make sure to pay a visit or take a stroll.

Outdoor life in Bournemouth

Bournemouth has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor life due to its fantastic location. The town itself is very friendly to cyclists, so you can cycle through the length of the town at any given time. As well as that, the beach also houses lots of watersport activities, especially during summer. This includes surfing!

A short journey outside of Bournemouth and you can find yourself on the world-famous Jurassic Coast. It’s never a bad idea to get on a bus and go explore places like Durdle Door, Lulworth Cave, Corfe Castle and other coastal beaches and resorts such as Studland and Swanage.

All these destinations are near enough to take a day trip from Bournemouth, on a bus. You can also hop off some of the bus routes and take a walk along some of the other attractions of the Jurassic Coast.

Bournemouth is never short of things to do. BU’s own ResLife programme organises a steady stream of barbecues or walks along the beach, so you are also able to bond with others and make friends in an outdoor environment.