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Bournemouth is known for its social atmosphere and the vast number of bars, pubs and restaurants!!! Students of BU get to enjoy Bournemouth’s best bits just as much as any resident here. From the Student Union’s on campus bar, Dylan’s to the beach bar, Aruba, here is a list of Bournemouth’s Best Bars (in no particular order) (also those with a star next to them are places where you can get discounts and deals using the A – List Card which is a must buy if you are coming to BU).

1. Dylan’s

Dylan’s bar is located on BU’s Talbot Campus in Poole House. It is run by students for students and is open 9am – 11pm weekdays and is also open at weekends. Our students love the live music played throughout the day as well as the quiz and karaoke nights. With hot food and drink served all day, Dylan’s is a hot spot for students to hang out between lectures or to go to celebrate the end of an exam.

Dylans Bar

2. Sixty Million Post Cards *

This quirky bar is another favourite among students and has been since 2006 when it first opened. Located within walking distance to BH2, Bournemouth’s new leisure complex, and the beach, 60Mill is a very popular destination for a few beds or some grub. This bar also offers quiz nights, which are not to be missed, but they also hold movie nights and board games to play while you eat and drink.

Sixty Million Postcards


DYMK is Bournemouth’s award winning LGBTQ+ bar and club. Open every day from 4pm, everyone is welcome. This is a favourite among all students and other local residents for a night out to remember. They host special nights such as Sunday Cabaret and they also often have special guests such as Plastique Tiara from Ru Paul’s Drag Race!


4. Slug & Lettuce

There are two S & Ls in Bournemouth, one in the centre surrounded by all the shops and close to Bournemouth’s Gardens, and the other is located around the corner from some of Bournemouth’s most popular clubs, Cameo and Walkabout. Slug & Lettuce serves amazing and affordable food throughout the day and then they host a mini night club at night. What is most appealing about this bar to students is the stylish and modern interior, and of course, the 2 4 1 cocktails all day everyday! (they also do a porn star martini tree … what’s not to love?)

Slug and Lettuce- Old Christchurch Road

Slug and Lettuce- Bournemouth

5. Inferno *

This bar is located within walking distance to most of the student accommodation and is very student friendly. Probably the craziest and most fun Quiz night Monday, Pancake Tuesday and Wing Wednesday are very popular nights for Inferno. The cheap prices here are very appealing to students (£1 entry to the quiz, £2.50 for a pint of Magners or Carling, and 25p per pancake or chicken wing).

6. Spoons!!! *

Just Spoons, I don’t think I have to say much more. Bournemouth has three J D Wetherspoon bars on option: The Moon on the Square, The Mary Shelley and The Christopher Creek. The latter is located near the accommodation and the first two are next to Bournemouth’s most popular night clubs, Cameo and Halo. If you don’t know what Spoons is, is suggest you take a look at these links. I don’t know anyone that would turn down a $6.85 gourmet burger and chips and a £6 Pitcher!

7. Revolution *

Revs is a nice little bar a short distance from the accommodation but on a Tuesday night they host one of our student’s favourite student night clubs, Toast. £1.50 Jager bombs, prizes, such as free drinks, money and holidays to be won all night and free toast served throughout the night for the peckish party animal.


8. The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire station used to be a fire station, hence the name, but is now home to BU’s Student Union’s events (SUBU). During Freshers week, SUBU’s Freshers wristband will get you and your flat mates into the TOFS for all of the events and nights that are hosted there, such as Applebum (an R&B and hiphop night), Lollipop and others. The OFS also hosts special guests, such as Dick and Dom.

The Old Firestation

9. Sound Circus

If you aren’t into the normal chart music, then Sound Circus may be the night for you. Every Thursday night is alternative music night and it is also probably the cheapest night out going.

Sound Circus

10. Aruba *

This bar is located right on the pier on Bournemouth beach so it has great views of the sea from its balcony. Tropical themes interior and great food and cocktails. This bar is a popular location during the summer or for people looking for a quieter drink.


If you are looking for a club style night our rather than bars in Bournemouth, then check out these links to BU student’s most popular night clubs.



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