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MA Directing Film and Television

Hi everyone, my name is Ram, a student on the MA Directing Film and Television course. Today, I want to share a little about the different sports activities offered by SportBU, and in particular the sport that I participate in: badminton.

Sport sessions at SportBU

SportBU offer many different sport sessions in a regular week on campus, and they are not restricted to only those who have memberships at the BU gym. I am not a member at the gym, but for a small pay-as-you-enter fee, there are an array of sport sessions I can participate in, such as futsal, basketball and badminton, to name a few.

For those who do not fancy sports, there are also other wellness and fitness classes. The timetable for these sessions is normally consistent throughout the week and is available at the SportBU reception.

Playing badminton at BU

Though I am not a member, I am able to join the badminton sessions for a fee of £2.50 per session. Plus, I don’t have to bring anything other than comfortable shoes. The rackets and shuttlecocks are both made available by the SportBU coordinators who run the sessions.

The sessions can last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on court availability on the day. Badminton happens three times a week, and in each session the participants are managed by the coordinators so that everyone gets an equal opportunity to play several games, and more importantly play with individuals that they have not met before.

This is a great way to make new friends while at the same time improving your own sports skills. I was not particularly good at badminton before I came to BU, but thanks to the suggestions of a few friends, I started joining the badminton sessions and have found them to be very much worth the fee. My skills have improved dramatically, and it’s also allowed me to meet people whom I would not have met otherwise.

Playing sports at BU provides an opportunity to test yourself against people of a different skill level at particular sports, which can become a real personal challenge. It also provides an opportunity to bond with people outside of the confines of regular academic or class environments. This is a great opportunity to meet people from other courses, and to learn more about their courses and what they do.

Sport sessions at BU are a diverse environment, especially in badminton. The sport is much-loved in Asia so I have been able to meet people of so many different nationalities.

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