Lara Barusso Produced by
from Italy


BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

I’m Lara Barusso from Italy, currently studying Computer Animation Art and Design and this time i want to introduce you to what is available for every animation or visual effects student here. As an animation student you will have all you need and more for your course.

On campus facilities

First of all, you will have 2 big rooms called labs full of PCs dedicated entirely to first and second years student on the 3 NCCA courses.  Third years have their own labs. In the labs you have lots of PC stations all with linux and windows with good sized monitors and a large Wacom tablet and you can rent a pen for free for the entire year. From the PC you have access to all the programs you can imagine, there is everything you could possibly need, from the all Adobe and Autodesk apps, to the newest ones like Unreal or Unity. All the programs are updated with the latest versions. Another thing to mention is that labs are open 24/7 so you can work when it suits you, it’s also good if you want to fit a job around your studies!

Sometimes computer and programs can have problems, but luckily next door to the labs there is the demonstrators room, where you can find people to help you out! If this happen during the night, there is always a 24\7 IT helpline to call if you are struggling with your computer before deadlines.

What can you rent for free

You can rent all sorts of things and not necessarily things only related to animation.  There are many types of cameras and video cameras, and anything you need to go with these, you can even rent editing suites, rooms and a tv studio. There is also lighting equipment, computer accessories, animation and visual equipment such as the motion capture masks.

In the library which is open everyday are plenty of movies and books about animation, visual effects, concept art, tutorial books and magazines that you need for your course or just for you own personal interest, plus you have a quiet place and rooms to work in groups if you need to do group projects.

Green screens

Another thing you can use as well is a massive Green screen, this is off the campus, but not that far away. It’s so well made that companies also rent it out. With the Green screen you get lights and anything you need to create your own visual effects shoots. As a Computer Animation Art and Design student you will get access to it during the second year when you choose your visual effects unit. However in 2020 animation students ( all media faculty students to be precise) will have a total upgrade. We will have a new building called Poole Gateway that will have a brand new Green screen facility, new labs, as well as state of the art sound and editing suites.

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