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This is guest blog by current student Ed Parker, studying BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing.

As a youngster, I invested thousands of hours into developing my musical skills, and performed at a high level. When I made a career change and decided to go back to university to study nursing, I was concerned I would not have the time or funds to continue with my passion for music, so music scholarships were an important consideration.

I contacted BU and within a few hours, I had a reply saying they could source a top percussion teacher for me, they had just purchased new instruments I
could use, there were several musical groups I could join, and they had a scholarship called the BU Music Scholarship I could apply for! The music scholarship has provided me with the extra funds I needed so that rather than finding part-time employment during my studies, I could attend weekly lessons, perform both with the university and other local orchestras and have also been given paid solo performance opportunities at prestigious university events. When I enquired about singing lessons to develop in a new direction of music, I was offered them for free on top of all the benefits I already had from the scholarship! No other university seemed so proactive in providing me with so many opportunities and funding and BU has made every effort to fit in with the unusual hours of my nursing course.

With the university, I’ve performed in Winchester Cathedral, the Royal Bath Hotel ballroom, jazz performances on the beach pier, a musical production of Madness and joint concerts with other universities. Although returning to university was a major life change, the support and encouragement I received from the BU Music Department and Scholarship meant that I didn’t have to choose between my passion and my studies.


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