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BA (Hons) English

I can’t stress enough how amazing it has been to be rewarded with an Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Bournemouth University offers a range of scholarships, rewarding academic excellence, and musical or sporting talents. The fact there was a chance I could be awarded £1,500 encouraged me to work that little bit harder to achieve those grades I desired. So, anxiously opening that brown envelope on results day, finding out I achieved the required grades**, and learning that my pocket was now £1,500 heavier, gave me just another reason to celebrate.

Rather than just blow it all on a few wild nights out, and regret it come the next day, if you’re lucky enough to receive this non-repayable scholarship, I urge you to spend it wisely, appreciate its worth and watch it improve your university experience.

Here are a few things that I’ve spent mine on:

  1. Societies – It’s so important to make the most out of all the different societies BU offers. Not only can you continue a past hobby, you can learn something new, meet a load of great people and simply have fun. Not all societies require a payment, but my scholarship paid for my membership for both the performing arts and social football society
  2. Books – What better way than to use your scholarship for all those journals and books to get you that first-class honours (but use – they’re super cheap)
  3. Gym membership – So not only has my scholarship helped with my course, but it keeps me fit too
  4. Train journeys – I love going home to my country comforts, to see my family and friends, but it can be pricey; so, my scholarship has paid for these home visits
  5. Phone – Naturally, during a stressful time in my life (academic study, living on a student budget), I go and break my phone. Lucky for me, I had a scholarship to purchase a second-hand phone!
  6. Treats – We’re all allowed to treat ourselves now and then. Being a girl and a student I’m guilty of a good shopping spree, treated at the hands of my scholarship card.

These are just a few of the ways my scholarship has enhanced my time at university. Given in the form of paid card, with several instalments, it has been easy to use in shops and online (and now they’ve even got contactless). So, get cracking on your revision, earn those grades you long for, and you could find yourself £1,500 richer.

**Entry September 2017: Full-time applicants who achieve AAA or above at A-level, or DDD or above at BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma (or equivalent).

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2 Responses to “The wonders of a BU scholarship”

  1. Minnie

    I’m currently studying the access to higher education diploma. I have distinctions throughout so far and I’m almost at the end of my course. This scholarship sounds amazing! Do I need to get all distinctions on every unit to be eligible for the scholarship?

    • Jodie

      Hi Minnie, as long as you achieve DDD or above then you’ll be eligible for the scholarship. If you’d like to discuss this we’ve got a great team of advisors in our Future student enquiries team -you can give them a call on +44 (0)1202 961916 or drop them an email Good luck with your studies!


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