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Have you used all your UCAS choices for university and still don’t have any offers? Luckily, you’re reading this blog – I’m going to explain everything you have to know about UCAS Extra and adding an extra university option. SO take a deep breath, relax -all will be ok I promise!


What makes me eligible?

As of the 25 February, students who have run out of university choices on the UCAS application form, and who aren’t holding any offers either, have the opportunity to find a place through UCAS Extra – so don’t panic, just ensure you apply before the 30 June! You might be wondering whether you can apply to a course that differs to the course you applied for on your original application – indeed, UCAS Extra allows you to choose any course that you would like to study, regardless of your initial choices.


How do I use it?

You don’t need to apply to UCAS Extra if you’re eligible – the option to ‘Add extra choice’ will appear in the choices section of UCAS track. Use the UCAS search bar to find your desired course, using the filter so that only courses with vacancies are displayed. If you originally only applied to one choice and want to add more, you’ll be asked to pay the extra £11 application fee in Track. Once you’ve chosen the course you would like to apply to, UCAS advises that you directly contact the university to confirm that they are able to consider your application. Then, enter the course details into UCAS Track, just as you have previously done, and wait for the university to consider your application.


Until you accept an offer from a university through UCAS Extra, you are allowed to use the service as many times as you like, one application at a time, until the 30 June when Extra closes and clearing opens.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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