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This is a guest blog by current student Modalmu, who is studying BSc (Hons) Psychology and works as a Schools Liaison ambassador.

Hi, my name is Modolamu, I am a final year psychology student and currently a student ambassador for Bournemouth university. My role as a student ambassador varies from working in the office, giving tours, helping out on award nights, delivering workshops/sessions in schools and much much more!

There are 3 different types of ambassadors, Marketing & Recruitment Ambassadors, School Liaison Ambassadors and Blogger and Vloggers. I do the first two, but I have a bigger role as a School’s Liaison Ambassador. As a School Liaison Ambassador, most of my roles involve working with students from primary and secondary schools. There are different projects/ programmes you can work on.

One of the advantages of being a student ambassador is the flexibility and variety of the role. Some of the programmes might require a long-term commitment such as the mentoring programme, which is usually a 10-week programme, where you go to the same secondary school (usually year 10’s) and deliver a 1-hour session to the same group of students. This role requires both commitment and consistency.

On the other hand, if you want more flexibility, there are other programmes like the MeBe program. This is when you go to primary schools to deliver sessions about further education in general, not essentially Bournemouth university (this is the marketing and recruitment role). MeBe is really fun because you get to do fun things like make graduation hats that they can take home.  I do both roles at the moment. You can take up as many jobs as you want as a student ambassador (as long as it you can balance it and it doesn’t affect your degree).

Another role as a Student Liaison Ambassador is a program called Summer Breaks. This is one of my favourites! This is when 3 different groups of students (yr. 10- yr. 12 each week) come into the University for a residential visit for about 3/4 days in order to experience life as a uni student. This is usually a follow up from the mentoring program. The ambassadors who do the mentoring programme (like me) have priority during application because most of the students attending will be from the mentoring programme but anyone from across the country can also apply.  All ambassadors also have a chance to apply.

There are two types of mentors on this program. You could either be a day mentor or a night mentor. I was a night mentor (in my opinion the best one). My shift started from 4pm to 11pm daily. We did activities such as murder mystery, ate pizza, had barbecues on the beach and on the last night we had an awards night! The day mentors started from 8am to 4pm and  focused more on the academic aspect of things.

Life as a liaison student ambassador is really rewarding because not only do get to earn extra money, you also get to positively impact young people’s lives by making a difference in their future decision, making sure that they know EVERYONE can go to university, which is our the main goal/aim as Student Liaison Ambassadors.

If you are interested in applying for this role, be sure to come along to one of our Student Recruitment Events:

Lansdowne Campus
Wednesday 20 February 2019, 3-4pm
Friday 22 February 2019, 6-7pm

Talbot Campus
Tuesday 19 February 2019. 6-7pm
Wednesday 20 February 2019, 3-4pm
Monday 4 March 2019, 6-7pm


You can find out more about the roles on our website:



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