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MA Multimedia Journalism

Hawwah Abdullahi Gambo, Nigeria

Could it be that it came in highly recommended by a cousin? Or could it be the help and support I received from the West African regional manager?

One thing I know for sure is that I chose Bournemouth University because it offered my first course choice in multimedia journalism and what was even more exciting, was finding out that Bournemouth University has a rich academic history and track record in producing outstanding professionals in broadcasting and journalism.

BU is not a widely known University where I come from, not many people know Bournemouth as a town and even less are aware of the University it is however very popular with football fans.

But even though I had ample opportunities to study in more popular universities in the UK, I stuck with my decision to come to study at BU because I wanted to discover more about it’s location and was interested to know what made it unique.

And as a mature student who had been out of the academic environment for quite a few years, I wanted an institution that would provide me with the serenity, calm and inner harmony to enable me concentrate fully on the task at hand; an institution that would be appreciative and welcoming to students of my age and peculiarities was a priority to me.  I wanted a university that would offer me opportunities and courses that would bring out the best in me.

The best decision I have ever made

Bournemouth University has all of this and much more. It has surpassed my expectations, the welcome week and reception was awesome and the staff are always willing to give you help and support when you need it. Most importantly for me, the department of continuing academic education are always ready to take you by the hand and walk with you through all the learning tools and processes to ensure you don’t get left behind.  Student welfare are also excellent and look after the wellbeing of international students and are always there to help you get over any home sickness or loneliness. The icing on the cake is that it is the centre of excellence for media practice! This is fantastic news for me as a practising journalist and for my future career.

Whatever your field of interest, career, profession or ambition. Whatever your age, background, years of absence from academia, fear not BU has got a place for you.

Hawwah Abdullahi Gambo, Nigeria, MA Multi Media Journalism