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MA Creative Writing and Publishing

Writing has been a huge part of my life and deciding to pursue it as a career was an easy decision. Although, how to go about it was a different matter completely. 

Reading my favourite books and realising the impact it had on my life was the starting point. I wanted to write like that as well, share the stories that I tell myself, and maybe have an impact on someone’s life as well.

Deciding to pursue a master’s degree is a huge step in an individual’s career life and when I decided to do my master’s abroad, Bournemouth University was one of my top choices.

I had always been an avid writer, writing short stories and poems whenever I could. My passion for writing and publishing grew with time, and after doing my undergrad in Literature, I realised that I needed more structure for my writing, and knowledge about the publishing industry.

I was very specific about doing my MA in Creative Writing and Publishing as it combines two aspects of the industry: writing and publishing. There is a lot more than just writing that goes when a book comes out and this specific course was structured to teach me the ins and out, as a writer as well as a publisher.

One of the major motivations for choosing Bournemouth University was the course module.  And as I researched about BU, I found out that BU provides a really hands-on experience from professionally experienced people in the industry themselves. 

Creative Writing

Our semester consists of really engaging lectures and assignments that gave us the liberty to work freely on our stories while providing us with knowledge and expertise on the subjects. The modules included different styles of writing as well as the evolution of writing as we come into the digital age. 


We get to study about publishing cultures and how they evolve into our age. Our modules also includes Design, Editing, Marketing, and PR for writers and publishers, where we learn about the ins and outs of the publishing industry. It’s great if you want to self-publish your work or join the publishing work-force as it covers the basics as well as the mechanics about the field.

I did apply to other universities for this course, but my need for the detail and hands-on experience that Bournemouth University provided, was not met anywhere else. Another aspect that was a helping point was the student to teacher ratios. The teachers are very attentive and interactive which was a very promising start as I work well with some guidance.

After joining BU, I was impressed by how much it lived up to the expectations. The promises that were made during applications were met wholeheartedly. 

Choosing to do my Masters at BU has been one of the best decisions I have made, and the beaches definitely help. The campus is beautiful, I have met great people here so far, who share the same passions as me and have a great vibe, and if I could go back in time, I would choose BU again in a heartbeat.