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Garrett Bucklin, USA, Master of Business Administration

My name is Garrett Bucklin, I come from the United States and am studying at Bournemouth University. The Deans Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards given out to applicants. It is an academic scholarship and pays up to fifty percent of an applicants’ tuition. I myself have never been one known for achieving academic excellence. I have always done what I needed to pass each course, but it has never been easy.  Originally when looking at this application I thought what was the point. There were bound to be tons of applications and why would they choose me. After this brief thought I figured there was nothing to loose.

I went through the application process little by little, the main part was the essay. Before I started that segment I made sure I did a thorough outline and got all my key points down on paper about why I should be considered for this scholarship. The overall process took me upwards of a week to complete. I wanted to make sure that I took breaks and then came back to reread and continue on the essay. When it was all said and done I was happy with what I had written down. It was a personal outlook on my life and demonstrated why I was different from the rest.

Different thinking, different experiences

Everyone that applies has a different way of thinking, different experiences, and has grown up all over the world. What is important is to make sure that those who read the applications see all the the experiences and differences you have to offer. This is why I urge everyone to go out and try to attain this scholarship. There is no reason why you should not be worthy. Take it from me, I have never thought of myself as one who is academically inclined. However when I put the time in and try as hard as I can, I can come up with a pretty impressive application.

I never want anyone to feel discouraged or that they are undeserving of academic awards. Not to mention the more applications you put out there the more you are bound to attain. I did numerous applications to Bournemouth, this one was my fall back. If you are awarded this it takes over from all other academic scholarships because it is so substantial. I am so grateful to BU for giving me the opportunity to attain this. You all have the same opportunity, go out and get it.

Garrett Bucklin, USA, Master of Business Administration