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Kamila Bianchi (Brazil)

I am Kamila Bianchi, from Brazil! I am studying a Masters in 3D Computer Animation at BU. Before coming here I watched some of the videos of previous students and they actually gave some good tips. So here is my list of things you should bring from home.

Clothes: not too many, remember you won’t have a lot of space to put them in

Shoes: focus on trainers and comfortable shoes, this is what you are going to use for most of your time here

Bedding: check the size of your bed before bringing it, you can buy a duvet and pillows here

Kitchen utensils: just small things, again you can buy pans and bigger items here

Don’t follow this example!

Backpack: this will be your best friend during the year

Personal items: don’t bring all your personal stuff, select one or two items that are really important to you and that will make you feel at home in your accommodation

Books: books for your course, or even books you were about to start reading, you can always donate them to others when you have finished with them.

Remember that Bournemouth has plenty of shops and you can buy almost anything you need here you can also order things online on in case you can’t find it.


Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA in 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18.