Guest blogger Produced by

Martina Gardeva (Bulgaria)

My name is Martina and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate student on the MSc Tourism management and marketing. It’s August and it’s almost time to start packing your baggage and start your adventure here at Bournemouth University so you may be wondering what do you need to bring from home? I remember I was a bit confused when I had to plan everything, especially as an international it is very hard because you also need to make sure you are aware of the luggage restrictions on your airline. Nevertheless, here are some tips:

DO – Start planning early what to take

Ideally, you would want to start thinking about packing your stuff at least 1 week before the date of your departure, as you will need time to organise and reorganise your suitcase several times. (especially the girls! haha)

DON’T – Take all your wardrobe with you

Remember, you are not going to a deserted island so just pack the essentials and if you forget anything you can always go to the town centre and simply treat yourself and buy something new. Also, bear in mind you may not have much space in your room and bringing clothes you were  wearing 2 years ago may not be the best idea.

DO – Pack warm clothes

Make sure to take some nice, warm winter jumpers and cardigans as during the winter it can get really cold. It’s also a good idea to pack a windproof coat, raincoat or jacket for the autumn months. A comfy hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves will save you from freezing in the winter! Don’t’ forget your boots too!

DON’T – Take any kitchen supplies

Even though you might be wondering what the University provide in your room (which in most cases is nothing but a hob, oven and a microwave), it is not worth taking cooking pots in your luggage as they take too much space. What is more, once you come here you will just divide all the costs for the common areas with your roommates and buy everything together. You can find plenty of cheap plates, cups, pans and so on at Asda.

DO – Bring some medications for emergencies

My mom always taught me wherever I go to have some emergency pills such as Nurofen or Coldrex with me. The autumn and the winter are the flu seasons so it’s a good idea if you take some with you, just in case.

DON’T – Take any bedding supplies

Again, even though your room will be equipped with just a bed, you don’t have to bring your own sheets, pillows or duvets. (and yes it might sound weird, but I have friends who actually did it!) They all take up so much extra space and you can find some pretty good deals once you come to Bournemouth by simply going to Asda or to Primark.

DO- Stop worrying and simply enjoy the journey!

Martina Gardeva, Bulgaria, MSc Tourism Management 2017/18