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Rachael KennyEveryone’s BU story is different. Rachael’s just graduated in MSc Events Management so hear why she chose BU.

What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification?

To get into the Event Management profession. I’d also been working for a few years in entry level admin jobs and wanted to use my brain again.

Why did you choose BU?

Mainly because I was moving back into my Mum’s and she had moved to Bournemouth so it was the local uni.

What are the best things about your course and academic experience overall?

My favourite part of the course was staging the live event and all the planning etc leading up to it, as it felt like I was actually working as an event manager. Other parts include the guest lecturers from people in the industry and the level of help you get from lecturers before an assignment is really good.

What are your favourite things about living and studying in Bournemouth?

Living by the beach has to be the top thing, especially when it gets to summer and you can meet your friends to have BBQs and drinks. It’s also a really outdoors way of life in Bournemouth compared to the other areas of the UK I’ve lived in. There are lots of festivals on as well as good transport links up to London.

What were your career aspirations before coming to BU and what are they now?

When I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise so worked and travelled for a few years before thinking events would be something I would like to get into. Now since studying at BU, I have high career aspirations, I want to work in international events and work my way up to Director level or even open my own event agency in the future.

How do you feel your experience at BU will help you in your future career?

It has helped me work out the type of career I want from speaking to professors and guest speaks who work in the industry. It has also opened by eyes to the event industry and all the different aspects that make it up so it has helped me focus my future career.

What financial support have you been eligible for?

Student Finance England Postgraduate Loan.

What piece of advice would you give to a prospective postgraduate student considering BU?

Ask questions, think about the best way you study and find out if the course is the best match for you. Attending an Open Day and meeting the lecturers was the best thing I did to help make my decision.

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