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This is a guest blog by Ayomide, sharing her Clearing story.

 When doing my UCAS, after receiving my offers, I chose my firm and my insurance choice.  I was so set on getting into my firm I hardly looked into my insurance choice. It was a back up and as it is called, an insurance choice. So on the day of results day I was shocked and in tears to find out I had not received the right grades to get into my firm and was going to go to my insurance. This wasn’t what I wanted.

After coming to this realisation, I knew I would have to go into Clearing and make a new choice. I called up Bournemouth and told them my grades, they checked their records and said everything was fine and that I could start in September! That same day I received an email with all the details welcoming me to the university. After such initial disappointment I finally smiled knowing I had a university to attend in September that I wanted to go to.

Because I was so set on my firm I hadn’t applied for accommodation, but Bournemouth didn’t leave us without a solution, we had a day called ‘house finders day’, which was a room of students who hadn’t sorted out their accommodation, their parents, and local estate agents. It was great to be in a similar position to lots of others as it meant I didn’t feel alone. That very day I ended up meeting my first-year housemates and sorted out my accommodation. It really couldn’t have been easier. 

Having had the opportunity to attend Bournemouth, I have made some fantastic friends and met some incredible people. I study BSc (Hons) Product Design, which has allowed me to have an incredible year in industry. That year was my best year, the experiences and skills I gained were beyond what I could have imagined. I am still in contact with my placement and have the opportunity to go back when the opportunity arises.

Despite not getting into Brunel as my firm, Bournemouth has equipped me with the valuable skills and knowledge I needed. Due to this experience, I have actually been given the opportunity to go to Brunel and do my masters year. It just goes to show everything works out in the end. Clearing opened me up to a whole new experience and that I am grateful for.


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